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Top Seven Signs That You're A Real Estate Agent


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7. You can make anniversary dinner reservations on your cell phone at your spouse's favorite restaurant while filling out property sale closing forms in a Seattle's Best drive-thru line up.

6. Your cell phone chimes the Imperial March from Star Wars whenever “FSBO" is mentioned in a text message.

5. You learned everything you know about computers and the Internet while developing five different websites to attract leads away from the local FSBO website.

4. You have customized email replies for every type of client or lead, and several for social situations.

3. You and your spouse meet a nice couple from your area on a vacation in the Caribbean, and have a discussion about work back home. As soon as they find out you're a real estate agent they want investment advice. It's all they want to talk about when you see them the next day at the hotel pool bar, and it's all they're interested in later at dinner on the waterfront. Your spouse and them seem to hit it off, and you have to admit they're pretty nice people with the potential to become great clients.

The thing is, you just came here to relax, work on your tan, and at least pretend to read a good crime novel. The next day in the middle of a snorkeling excursion with dolphins they start asking about foreclosure properties, and you casually tell them to just enjoy the water, and maybe ask you about it later, or preferably in your office back home. The couple responds with raised eyebrows, and the rest of the excursion is blissfully shop-talk free. Later that evening it's just you and your spouse for dinner.

You ask what the other couple is up to, and your spouse tells you s/he isn't sure, but wouldn't be surprised if the four of you never spoke again after your rude outburst earlier that day. The last two days of your trip go well enough - you finish the crime novel and return home refreshed. The couple never calls, but months later one of your colleagues closes a multimillion dollar waterfront property with them, which happens to be just a couple blocks from your house. Sorry, personal rant, but you get the point.

2. Servers at all five of your favorite restaurants begin to chide you for wearing moderate variations the same outfit every time you come in with a big-time client or a valuable lead.

1. Three of your five favorite restaurants are Seattle's Best outlets. can be the source for all your Myrtle Beach real estate needs. The site offers area information, tips for home buyers and sellers, and a comprehensive Myrtle Beach home for sale search.


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