The Real Estate Market Has Changed! How We've Clawed Our Way To 24 Closed Sales This Year!

Scott Daniels

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I don`t know how you`re year is going, our`s has been a constant battle. With the Sub Prime Lenders taking a plunge in March, as well as the Florida market reeling from the property tax issue to the overall state of the economy we`ve somehow managed to close 24 Transactions this year. At this rate we`re on target to close 50-60 transaction by the end of the year!

It seems that each sale has been a knock down drag out fight to the closing table!

Between the lenders, appraisers, inspections, buyers, sellers and agents each transaction has been a choir!

Inspite of it all, I must say that we`re proud of the agents who work with us and the enthusiasm in our office really goes along way.

There isn`t an agent in our office that doesn`t help their fellow agent!

Whenever one of is in a jam there`s someone to help! That`s rare in today's world. Many offices work in the belief that the agent works alone. Therefore, it`s highly unusual to see other agents actually communicating with one another, forget that fact that each agent hasn`t a clue about they`re fellow agents listings!

I once worked in an office environment like that. I`ll never forget the time we had a buyer that was really interested in purchasing a home that was listed by someone in our office.

We worked alongside this agent and presented the offer only to be told that her seller wouldn`t consider such an offer. She didn`t offer to work with us, nor did she care!

Our offer was rejected, the buyer found another home and that was that. I couldn`t believe the attitude and i spoke to the office manager who told me that they`re company policy doesn`t allow for agents to work with one another, too bad, alot of good agents have since left this office. Is it hard to understand, why?

Our philosophy is very different and is adapted for today`s market.

Our goal is simple “Close the transaction and work with what you have in front of you".

That means assisting all parties in closing the deal! The “Old School" mentality of real estate is slowly becoming extinct! It hasn`t changed in 40 years and what worked than, doesn`t even apply now, but it`s hard to convey to someone living in the past!

Our #1 priority is customer service! We tell our agents to be a Concierge to they`re clients by doing the little things that matter! Constant contact via email and the use of the telephone is crucial!

Surviving in a bad Real Estate market isn`t easy, but you can survive, grow and prosper!

Scott Daniels
florida list for less realty, inc.

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