5 Things The Bank Hopes You Never Find Out Regarding Home Financing


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Most Bankers Hope You Never Find Out

1. HOW MUCH EQUITY DO YOU REALLY HAVE IN YOUR HOME? This is a closely guarded banker's secret. Truth is, you probably have more equity (value) in your home than you think. And different companies use different methods to determine how much you can borrow on your home. These days, there are even plans that allow “borrowing power" you have locked up in your home. I can determine that for you.

2. SECOND MORTGAGES ARE A BAD IDEA. Sometimes a second mortgage is a bad idea but sometimes it's a good idea - it just depends on your particular circumstances. My job is to determine THE best way for you to use your home's value as the “crowbar" to pry open the financial prison doors and get you to the best possible financial place you can be.

3. REFINANCING IS TOO EXPENSIVE. Refinancing usually has some costs but is NEVER “expensive" when it saves you money. When refinancing slashes your interest rate and/or pays off other high-interest bills and/or lowers your total monthly bills, it is NOT “expensive".

4. CREDIT PROBLEMS STAND IN MY WAY. Many people think bad credits stays on their records for seven years. While that is technically true, there are good loan programs where only your most recent 12 months of credit behavior is considered. There are good plans even for people with past or even recent bankruptcies. There are “no income qualification" plans. Basically, if you are an employed or self-employed homeowner, we can bring you a home mortgage refinancing plan you can qualify for that is in your best interest, that will save you money, regardless of past or present credit problems. Of course, if you have good credit, so much the better. But you do not need to be trapped because of credit problems either.

5. “I DON'T WANT TO GO THROUGH A LOT OF EFFORT AND THEN GET TURNED DOWN". I know how unpleasant it is to deal with most banks and other lenders. So, let me make you three promises.

Promise #1: There is a refinancing plan that will “fit" you and your needs. We guarantee it - or we'll treat you to a steak dinner. If my team of “super experts" can't bring you a mortgage that is in your best financial interest, that you understand and like and want and qualify for, I'll pay for you and your spouse to have a great steak dinner at a nice restaurant, as my apology for inconveniencing you. (Try to find a banker who'll do that. )

Promise #2: You will be treated well. We're a company managed by people with over 14 years experience in mortgage lending, and we are dedicated to treating you like a fellow human being (not an “account" or a number), with dignity, courtesy, understanding, and professionalism. We know that revealing personal and financial information to strangers is unpleasant and intimidating. We respect your privacy, and we are here to help you get from wherever you are to a much improved financial position. You will be treated as if you were a friend of the family. And you will get truly expert advice and assistance.

Promise #3: I have made this process as simple and streamlined as possible. In most cases, we're going to ask you for just three documents. Ask you less than ten questions, be able to do everything by phone, FAX or mail, and complete everything within ten days.

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100% Home Equity Loan Financing - Getting 100% Financing with Bad Credit
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