125 Percent Refinance Home Loans For Home Improvements!


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This cash-out refinance loans that can reach up to 125% of the market value of the property are made available due to the especially competitive circumstances that rule the current loan market. Thus, a good timing suggests that you need to make use of this situation and seize the benefits from the equity on your home by refinancing and getting extra cash with advantageous terms.

Cash Out Refinance Home Loans

A cash out refinance home loan is a loan that is awarded for a higher amount than your current outstanding mortgage and thus, only part of the money is used for repaying your current debt. The remaining loan amount can be used for any purpose but in this case, it must be used to finance a home improvement project. This last fact will be controlled by the bank or financial institution.

The concept is simple: If you have a mortgage loan of $60,000 and your property’s market value is $100,000. You can easily request a cash-out refinance home loan for $80,000 and use the remaining $20,000 for financing your home improvement project.

Moreover, even if you request a higher loan amount, if the market conditions have changed positively or your credit and financial situation have improved, you could obtain a refinance home loan with a lower interest rate and better loan conditions and save thousands of dollars worth of interests over the whole life of the loan.

125% Financing and Home Improvements

Usually, there is an 85% limit as to the amount of money you can request through a home loan , especially if you have bad credit. Occasionally you can obtain 100% financing for loans made for first time home buyers or for those with a very good credit history. However, lately, lenders are offering further financing. You may wonder how more than 100% financing is possible:

The answer to that question is rather simple. Since the money borrowed will be used for home improvements, the lender is counting on an increase in the market value of the property used as collateral that can compensate the surplus. Besides, even if the raise in the market price of the property doesn’t compensate for the difference, within a short period of time and due to the continuous monthly payments, the mortgage balance would get below 100%.

Bear in mind though, that the money must be used for financing home improvements and most banks and financial institutions will check any home improvement project you may have so as to make sure that you are not faking the purpose. You may be required to present documentation prepared by an architect or another professional and other backing up documentation in order to confirm that the money will be actually used for what you claim it will be used.


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Home Equity Loans to 125% for First Time Homebuyers
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