Are Free Foreclosure Listings A Great Way To Find Foreclosed Homes?


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It is quite a challenge to find a reputable free foreclosure listing and because real estate investors earn the bulk of their income through purchasing properties cheaply and selling them for profit the demand for foreclosed properties is very high.

For those looking to buy a bank owned or foreclosed home as an investment they can expect to save between 20-50%. But the problem many people have is actually gaining access to foreclosed property lists. Although there are many sites offering foreclosure listings you will need to pay a subscription fee to them. That can be an option if you want to shortcut the process. But there are some sites who advertise free listings and there are many advantages and disadvantages to be gained from these types of listing services.

When searching for a free foreclosure listing online you will come across several sites that offer free information, however this information is usually provided only on a trial basis. You will find that the majority of listing services available online involve you paying a subscription fee prior to you carrying out any searches of their listings.

But do not worry - there are many services around which will offer a free trial, but it is important to note that before you can take advantage of any free trials the listing service will ask you to provide them with your credit card details. Unfortunately with these services they will bill you at the end of the free trial and then continue you to bill you until you request your credit card to cancel their standing order.

Although free foreclosure listings are not easily accessible, once you do locate a good one then you will be provided with the opportunity of purchasing an inexpensive home. The best way of finding a free foreclosure listing is through a realtor website as when banks work with such people they are given properties to sell and are able to list such homes on their personal or company sites. Plus in some states you will find that they compile a free foreclosure listing of properties throughout the region.

The benefit of a free foreclosure listing to a potential investor is that they can find homes for as little as $10,000 on them. Plus choosing a property from such a list allows you to shop for a home without having to move away from your computer. All free foreclosure listings include pertinent details on the property in question, such as square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and any additional features, as well as the condition of the property and the sale price.

There are however a couple of negatives points to free foreclosure listings and that is that the information provided on these lists is readily available to anyone and normally such properties will have already been picked up by real estate investors just as you get to know about them. Moreover free foreclosure listings are not updated on a regular basis so it may be wise instead to spend a bit of money of getting an accurate and useful list sent to you.

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