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Mortgage refinancing with an energy efficient loan allows you to upgrade your appliances and save money on your utility bills. Energy efficient mortgages allow homeowners the benefit of mortgage refinancing while taking advantage of energy saving options previously only available with new homes. Here are several tips to help you decide if Energy Efficient Mortgage Refinancing is right for you.

The main advantage of Energy Efficient mortgage refinancing is that it allows you to spend more money on your home because you are paying less on monthly utility bills. How do you go about finding a lender for energy efficient mortgage refinancing? Tell the mortgage lenders you consider that you want mortgage refinancing with an energy efficient loan and request a copy of the Good Faith Estimate from each of these lenders. You will use the Good Faith Estimate to compare offers and choose the best Energy Efficient Mortgage for your financial situation.

You will need to contact an Energy Rater in your area to perform a Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) report. This rating looks at your home’s windows, insulation, and the climate where you live, along with the cost of utilities you pay to give you a rating. This report will recommend repairs and upgrades to your home and estimate your energy costs after making these home improvements. Once you choose a lender and provide the HERS report, your mortgage lender establishes an escrow account to pay for the upgrades and repairs to your home. Once these repairs and improvements are completed to your satisfaction, the escrow account is cleared and any contractors are paid.

Your Home Energy Rating Systems report will outline everything your home needs to be energy efficient. Your energy efficient mortgage loan pays for these repairs and upgrades to your home. Energy efficient mortgage refinancing allows you to save money each month on your utility bills by repairing leaky windows, poor insulation, and installing energy efficient appliances in your home. Making these repairs could also improve the appraised value of your home and build additional equity.

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