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You use the internet for a lot of things, but do you know that it is a very valuable resource if you are shopping around for rates to re-finance your home? The amount of information available on the internet is just amazing and besides learning all about re-financing, you can obtain interest rate quotes from any number of lenders. With this convenience, however, comes some danger, and so you do have to be careful when you shop online for loan rates. But using common sense and only dealing with reputable firms, you should be able to safely negotiate online.

Shop the Rates in the Comfort of Your Home

Instead of having to take time off work to visit banks during the business day, you can shop online any time of the day or night. The internet becomes for you a twenty four hour, seven day a week bank if you want it to be. You do not have to be subject to the hours and convenience of the banks, they have to offer you their services at any time you want them. No more taking time off work to get this done; get all the information you want after you get home from work and then compare the results.

You also will not be pressured into making a rush decision as you may be if you meet with a loan officer at a bank. You can get all the information you want online and then take your time analyzing the different choices and make your decision at your own pace. Just remember that rates can change quickly, so that if you get a good rate and do not take advantage of it right away, you may lose it.

Use Sites You Can Trust

Despite the convenience of the internet, there are many “questionable" sites on it.

Make sure you know the organization behind the site and that the information you will be getting is valid. You may get come on rates that will not be available when you go to negotiate the loan. Better to work with known lenders who will be there when you need them.

In order to find out which sites or companies are going to be reliable, just do some research on them. You can contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and make sure they do not have an inordinate amount of consumer complaints against them. A few complaints may be acceptable, since there are always problems, even for the best firms, but too many should be a red flag for you. But also consider the length of time a company has been in business. They may have only a few complaints, but that may be a lot for the short period of time they have been around.

Be careful that you are not tempted by a website just because it has a lot of bells and whistles. Just because a website is professional looking does not guarantee that the information you will receive from it will be correct. Website designers can be hired to put up a great website for a shabby company, or the website can use wording that will attract potential customers even though the company may not be able to deliver on the services they are offering. A good design and good key words do not mean the website can handle your business.

Make Sure the Commitment is Valid

Once you have found out everything you need to know about the loan you are negotiating, you will be asked to complete an online application. Here is where you may want to consider going “offline" and confirming the deal in person or at least over the phone. You do not want your application to get lost in cyberspace, and you may also want to take the opportunity to get further clarification about details of your mortgage loan. Before you sign up for any loan, you want to make sure you have been offered all of the options available.

You also want to make sure you understand all of the features of the loan. Going over the details in person with a loan representative is the best way to assure this. You want to make sure you know about all of the fees that may be involved in the loan application process as well as any escalating clauses, rate adjustment periods, or anything else that will affect your loan and your loan decision.

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