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You, the well-meaning Christian, want to select an appropriate Christian home based business. At first glance, yes, this does seem obvious. Maybe even commonsensical.

But it isn’t—not at all.

Many people, especially when they are struggling financially are willing to put aside their faith, put aside their convictions and put aside their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Their desire to relieve the financial burden and stress is sometimes overwhelming. They want to do whatever they can (that’s legal and moral) to make some money quickly. This goal and objective is of paramount importance—specially when a family or children are involved.

Fortunately, when it comes to finding creating, buying or building a Christian home based business you have some viable options. Let’s explore one overlooked one now.

First, and probably most importantly, please don’t look past the people in your own church or congregation.

Why? It’s by far your greatest Christian asset, besides your faith in the Lord.

Because many times, you’ll be given the opportunity to share your situation in a public forum where there are people who know you, who trust you and who can create an opportunity for you to alleviate whatever short term financial problems you may have.

They may even help you create your own Christian home based business.

For instance, I remember a young woman in my church who had a growing family. The husband didn’t attend services much, but the young woman was a very committed. Sometimes she attended church three or more times a week—once for Sunday morning services, once for Sunday evening services and even for Wednesday night Bible study.

She was a model Christian woman. But as you know, the Lord tests our faith in Him, even and especially the most faithful.

One Sunday evening, this woman openly prayed before the congregation of 100 people present for help. She was pregnant about three months, and the family had no health insurance. She had to prepare financially because her husband’s salary wasn’t going to cover the hospitalization.

Her pray was very moving. What did she say?

Basically, she shared how grateful she was to the Lord for placing her in a church where people cared. One where there was harmony, charity and unconditional love. It was very touching.

And then she said something I’ll never forget: She said she wanted to give even more. That the Lord had blessed her with another child.

Her only request was that the Lord give her the opportunity to be of service to someone in the church, someone who would look past the need to work in an office or factory, and would be willing to let her take care of her family at home while doing work that was meaningful and would make a difference.

In other words, although she didn’t say like this, she prayed for a Christian home based business.

Astonishingly, it inspired one of the elders, a small business owner, to contract some light bookkeeping to her on an hourly basis. As they got started, he became very impressed with the quality of her work and soon began referring her services to other members in the church, as well as the community.

He became her biggest benefactor—she liked to say he was her “angel".

So when the time came, she had a sizable financial reserve saved and could afford the best healthcare and hospitalization services required for her healthy newborn baby.

And she named the baby after the elder.

So in closing, the Lord does work “in mysterious ways", but giving your church an opportunity to help you build your own Christian home based business is one of the best ways to grow even stronger in the church and in the service of the Lord.

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