Understanding Home Equity Loans And How They Can Help You


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In simple terms, a home equity loan allows you to borrow the equity you've built up in your home by putting up your home as collateral. How much can you borrow? It will vary with each individual.

You can figure out the amount you can borrow by taking the current appraised value of your home and subtract off the loan balance owed against it.

Home equity loans, and home equity line of credit have become immensely popular over the last 15 years, but especially during the last 5 or so years.

Home values have soared in recent years and homeowners are taking full advantage of the situation. In many cases the value of a home has doubled and tripled in only a few short years.

Consequently, homeowners are borrowing against this windfall by taking out a home equity loan. Almost anyone can qualify for a loan regardless of credit rating. Even with less than desirable credit you can easily find a bad credit home equity loan.

The cash from these loans can be used for whatever you wish. Paying off debts is the most popular, but people will use the funds for home rebuilding, vacations, new cars, appliances and other luxury items.

As far as interest rates on these loans, in most cases they will be lower than the standard mortgage rates. Loan repayment periods can be anywhere from 5-20 years. If you sell your house within this time you'll need to payoff your first mortgage and then pay back the home equity loan.

If you're looking for funds to pay off debts, etc. , then a home equity loan may be just what you need.

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