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Interest rates on 30 year Texas refinance loans currently average 5.71 percent. Rates on 15 year refinance loans are even lower, averaging 5.43 percent. Such rates make considering refinancing for a second time worthwhile. By getting a second Texas refinance loan and decreasing your rate by a percentage point or two, you could significantly lower your monthly mortgage payments. Other benefits include:

A Nice Tax Write-Off
When you pay points on your first refinance loan, you can deduct the amount paid over the life of the loan. If you decide to pay points on your second Texas refinance loan, you are eligible for a much better tax benefit. On second refinance loans, you are allowed to write off any points paid in one lump sum. If you need a nice tax write off, this is the one you will profit from the most.

Discounted Closing Costs
Closing costs on Texas refinance loans average $3,578. This can make a huge dent in your savings. The good news is that if you refinanced recently, you may be able to utilize some of the documents that you already paid for the second time around. Items like appraisals can often be reused. You can also look for a lender who offers discounted closing costs or no documentation loans.

A Chance to Extract Equity
Texas home values have skyrocketed in the last five years. Some areas of the state have seen as much as an 80 percent increase in value. If you are one of the many fortunate homeowners who have benefited, you could use a second Texas refinance loan to extract cash from your home. Rates on cash-out refinances are very low and qualifying for the loan is a cinch.

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Refinance Your FHA Home Mortgage Loan - Refinancing With The Streamline Process
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