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With Cash Out Refinance Loans you can save thousands of dollars by refinancing your home loan for a lower interest rate than your outstanding loan and at the same time you can seize the benefits equity provides and obtain extra cash. In some cases the savings from refinancing exceed or equal the costs of cash out. Thus, it’s just like getting free financing because all your costs are compensated by your gains.

Property’s Equity

The equity you’ve built on your home will provide the source of your funds. The lender will lend you money against the equity on your home. It’s imperative that you understand the concept of equity because the implications are particularly important. You can take advantage of equity but it can also constitute a serious risk when used.

The equity on your home is the difference between your home value and the outstanding debt that is secured on your home. If you have a property worth $100,000 but you have an outstanding mortgage loan on it with $40,000 of debt, then the equity on your home is worth $60,000. Up to this amount, you’ll be able to request a home equity loan or line of credit . However, only those with good credit score can obtain 100% financing.

Cash Out Refinance Loans

Cash out refinance loans use the equity left on your home to provide additional financing. Thus, you are not only refinancing your home loan but you are getting extra cash in the same financial transaction. Continuing with the above example, you can seize the benefits of that $40,000 and refinance the $60,000 on your home loan at the same time.

Moreover, refinancing at a lower rate can provide you with huge savings over the whole life of the loan. These savings can easily compensate for the cost of cashing out your equity depending on the amount of money you request. The interests you are saving by refinancing can counterweigh the interests you’ll have to pay for the amount of money you request on your equity.

Purposes of Extra Cash

The extra cash can be used for any purpose you may think of; there are absolutely no restrictions as to the uses of the loan. However, under certain circumstances, you could get better terms if you use the money you obtain from cash out refinance loans to make home improvements.

If you plan on making home improvements on the same property being used as collateral, you should notify the lender as some lenders have promotional terms for home improvement loans. This is due to the fact that home improvements tend to increase the value of the property and thus raise the amount of equity on your home. By lending to you, the lender is contributing to increase the value that is securing the very same property protecting his investment. In many cases you can get up to a 1% interest rate reduction if you use the money for home improvements.


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