California Refinance Loans - Refinancing Tips to Help You Save


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Many homeowners in California are scrambling to refinance their current home loan before interest rates get too high. Some are hoping that a California refinance loan will help them get rid of their adjustable rate or interest only loan. Others are hoping to move from a high fixed rate into a low adjustable rate or hybrid loan. If you are considering a California refinance loan, here are several refinancing tips to help you save:

Refinancing to a Fixed Rate Mortgage

California refinance loans with fixed interest rates can be very beneficial to homeowners who have found themselves in trouble due to a hike in the rates of their adjustable rate mortgage or interest only loan. Refinancing is also beneficial for those who got their current fixed rate loan when interest rates were high due to bad timing or credit problems.

Refinancing to an Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Fixed rate loans are great for those who like consistent payments, but for California homeowners who don't plan to stay in their home for much longer or for those who need an instant drop in their payments, an adjustable rate California refinance loan may be the best option. This type of refinance loan allows you to take advantage of low introductory rates. If you have fair to good credit, you could get an interest rate as low as 5 percent on a California refinance loan.

Refinancing to a Hybrid Mortgage

A hybrid loan offers the best of both worlds. With this type of California refinance loan, you can take advantage of low adjustable rates during the first five to ten years of your loan before moving to a more consistent fixed rate. You will want to be careful though, not every hybrid loan has the same terms.

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