What You Need to Know about a Home Mortgage Loan


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For instance, you are quite tired of renting apartment units. It is been a long time since you have been renting (probably when you have started your first work several years ago) and you estimated that you have already spent an amount sufficient to purchase a modest and permanent home. At this point in time, you realized that it is now the moment to shop for a home that you want to stay in. However, you are hindered by lack of financial funds that you can use on financing the purchase of your new home. There is no chance that a real estate agent will provide you the necessary documentations saying that you are now the new owner if you do not have enough funds.

Will you still go back to being a tenant until you retire from your present work?

What if there is an alternative that you can resort to in this case? Are you willing to give it a try or you will just turn your back on this opportunity of owning a new home without the need of paying the full value immediately?

Yes, there is still a way! And it is through securing a home mortgage loan.

Home mortgage loans are popular financing schemes in purchasing a new home. Arranging mortgage loans are seen as the standard method of buying residential properties without the need of paying the full value immediately. Under typical home mortgage loans conditions, your mortgage lender will pay the owner or developer of the home of your choice, and you will make monthly repayments of the amount your lender spent on purchasing the home from the owner or developer. The term of the mortgage loan is dependent on what you will agree with the lender.

The interest rates applicable on a home mortgage loan may vary according to the loan term and the principal amount. There are two types of interest rates applied on home mortgage loans. These are the following:

1) Fixed rate mortgage (FRM) as the name suggests, the interest rate is fixed, hence the monthly repayment for the term of the home mortgage loan. In the United States, the home mortgage loan term where the FRM is applicable is typically for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. The only increase that you can expect in your monthly repayments is the result of increase on property taxes and insurance rates. But the interest rate and the basic monthly repayment amounts will be consistent throughout the term of the home mortgage loan.

2) Adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) the interest period is initially fixed for a certain period of time. After which, it will now be subjected on changes (either adjust up or down) based on various market indexes. In the United States, the most common indices used in determining ARM are the Prime Rate and Treasure Index. Home mortgage loans having this type of interest rate transfers the risk from the mortgage lender to the borrower.

The mortgage lender determines whether an applicant is eligible for the home mortgage loan he selected based on different factors, but the most popular is the applicant's credit scores. The higher your credit score, the more creditworthy you are to your lender, which could lead to cost-efficient home mortgage loans.

With home mortgage loans, you will be able to realize your ultimate dream of becoming a new homeowner and not just a tenant forever.

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