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Have you ever thought, “No one will ever deed their property over to me. . . "

Maybe you've wondered if there's a science to getting someone to give you a deed to their property. Well, buying properties “subject to" is not that complicated and there's really no science to it at all.

Do you have believe that no one in their right mind would deed the property over to you, someone they hardly know?

I remember back in the year 2000, after I attended my first real estate convention; my wife had the same thoughts. And after months of struggling and beating my head against the wall with no deeds, I began to buy into this line of thinking myself- that no one in their right mind would do such a thing.

After months of continued struggling, I decided to stop making such a big deal about getting the deed and all the paperwork. I started acting like it was just part of the process for me to buy their house. In other words, I acted more confident. I acted as if it was just formality. I took the bull by the horns and led the seller to what they should do and would close a good percentage of the sellers I spoke with. Plus, I started focusing on my seller and targeted my marketing to attract highly motivated sellers.

Now, if you're dealing with just someone that wants to sell their house, then its going to be a battle to get them to just deed the property over to you. And in all honesty, probably will not happen. However, as an investor you've got to be on the prowl for the seller with motivation. In many cases, the seller with motivation, has either some personal issues that's causing him to sell or there may be some issues with the actual property. Either way, if there's no motivation for the seller, then chances are the seller will sit tight until they get the offer they're looking for.

So, in order to flip a house, buy a property subject to, or even get a deal for a deep discount, you've got to start looking for and find motivated sellers. Here's what would constitute someone being a candidate for a motivate seller:

- Facing Foreclosure
- Behind on Payments
- Death of a Loved One
- Tax Problems
- Divorce
- Relocation
- Making Double Payments

There's many more, but any one of these situations would create some serious motivation for anyone to sell their property. Now, look for sellers in these situations and target your marketing efforts to find more motivated sellers and you'll see that you can close more deals, thus putting more money in your pocket.

Derek Pierce is a full time real estate investor and business owner. He got his start investing in real estate when he bought his first property in September of 2000. After this first deal, Derek literally became obsessed with Real Estate Investing. After being faced with the possibility of being downsized in 2001, he quit his job to be full time in the business and hasn't looked back since. Now, he reveals the money making real estate techniques he swears by in his Free Real Estate Investing “E Coaching Program. " To sign up for the Free E-coaching program, go to


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