Cheap Property for Sale - 5 Tips For Potential Triple Digit Gains!


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If you want to make big gains by buying cheap property for sale and turning this into triple digit gains, then follow the tips below and you will maximize your capital growth potential.

1. Buy Overseas for best potential

Overseas property markets simply offer better risk reward than established locations such as the major industrialized countries and it’s much easier to target triple digit annual returns.

2. Selecting the best country

The best countries for buying cheap property for sale are the ones that make it easy for you to buy, give you seem rights as residents and are politically stable.

They should also have a track record of growth – this is very important!


Because many people want to buy emerging countries and most of these never take off. In the ones that do, you can make big money but most don’t.

If you want to be a pioneer go ahead some got rich most got the arrows so our view is play it a bit safer and you can still make huge gains but more importantly with less risk.

Property trends last for decades, so buy one that’s in motion. Don’t worry, it will still offer you great gains in the years ahead if you pick the right location.

3. Don’t buy property just because it’s cheap LOCATION!

Is the key, as most property investors know.

Most of the good locations are going to be near expanding infrastructure (such as marina’s airports roads etc) and expanding urban areas.

They will not be the cheapest, but will offer you the best risk reward

Cheap property is cheap for a reason, so don’t buy some isolated cottage in an area you think may increase in value; buy near an area where the facts point to it doing so in the near future.

4. Get a good lawyer and realtor

Its money well spent if you don’t know the local law and language and will prevent your investment turning into a disaster.

5. Visit the area

Don’t rely on anyone else’s opinion or a salesman telling you decide for yourself.

Go to the area and spend some time looking around and getting a feel for the place and its potential buying overseas property is all about doing your homework and using common sense.

The most important point!

Act on the facts of an areas potential i. e. is there a track record of growth, is it likely to continue and how attractive is the area for people to move into it?

Don’t ever buy somewhere and think “it will come up one day as its cheap now”

If you believe this, buy cheap property for sale in Haiti sure, it may come up one day but not sure I would take the chance.

When buying cheap property for sale you are looking for value for money and good risk reward not buying just because it’s cheap!

Where are some good destinations

Good solid overseas destinations popular for Americans are Costa Rica and Panama for Americans as they offer trends in motion and investors are still after decades turning triple digit gains.

Its all a matter of choice but which ever country you decide on follow the tips above and target big profits by buying cheap property for sale.


For the best locations for investing in property and for a FREE report on how to make money and videos on stunning locations to buy property visit .


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Make Money Fast – A Simple Investment for Triple Digit Gains!
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