South Carolina Home Mortgage Loans - How To Find a Good Lender in South Carolina


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Even though home sales in South Carolina are going up, the median home cost is still fairly low: right around $163,000. And, in some counties where textile manufacture and agriculture are still important, it is possible to find homes for less than $100,000. With such a variety of homes to choose from, and loan programs to take advantage of (there are plenty of bad credit home mortgage loan programs in South Carolina), it is important to find a good lender that can help you find the right mortgage to fit your situation. Here are the steps to finding a good mortgage lender in South Carolina:

First, look online for home mortgage lenders

Conducting an online search for home mortgage lenders can give you a list of South Carolina lenders and the interest rates they offer on a variety of home loan options, including fixed rates and variable rates for different term lengths. This will give you an idea of what is available. You can also find discount lenders online as well.

Next, call the South Carolina board of realtors

Getting in contact with a realtor association is a good way to get recommendations on lenders. Make a list of the most promising from your Internet search and then call the state realtors association, or the local association, for a list of preferred lenders. Compare the list to the one you made from the Internet. Cross off those that do not appear on the realtor list, or that the realtors association warns you away from.

Finally, contact the mortgage lenders directly

With your narrowed list in hand, contact the individual home mortgage lenders and find out current interest rates offered to someone with your credit situation. Also, carefully question each lender as to closing fees and other loan costs. Make notes of how you are treated, and whether the lender answers your questions forthrightly. You can come to a conclusion by how comfortable you feel with each lender.

Visit South Carolina Lending Center for a list of Recommended South Carolina Home Mortgage Lenders , whether you are looking for home purchase, refinance or a home equity loan.


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