Lease Options and Purchase Agreements


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“Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do and how you do it. ” -Rudy Giuliani

Real estate investing is a booming investment trend in the last 5 years. It can create a huge profit with very little risk. This is why so many new investors are skipping the stock market and moving right into property investment. If you are new to the investing game then you may want to consider buying bargain houses.

These fixer uppers can be purchase way below their market value and can cheaply be renovated and resold above their market value. Just like every investment out there, real estate requires cash, cash, and more cash! Most new investors do not have the funds available to purchase homes outright. Lucky for us, there is way around have just a little bit of capital.

Once you find a bargain home you would be interested in purchasing you can use a lease option to secure the home while you are doing repairs on it. Instead of taking out a mortgage you simply lease the home, for a couple of months, and do the needed renovations. When the repairs are completed you will sell the house to the new owner for, hopefully a large, profit. Make sure you do this before the lease option term is up.

The term of the lease should be at least 6 months. This will give you and your contractors plenty of time to do whatever repairs are required without having to rush. If the house is in really rough shape, you might want to offer the home owners a reduce rent price and are taken off the principle of the buy price at the time of closing. The details of the deal will be outlined in a purchase agreement. You can acquire equity while you work on the house.

In both instances, there is no money down needed to secure the house you are interested in flipping. This way you can take your borrowed money and use it to make repairs. Make sure you do not overextend yourself financially and create debt for yourself. You can start buying and selling real estate today.

You want to secure your financial freedom and live the life you deserve, you should consider real estate investing today. With the help of a lease option contract, some hard working friends, and determination you can be on your road to financial success. Everyone wins in this type of situation. The owner of the home is out of debt and moving on, the new owner of the house has a beautifully restored home, and you have turned a huge profit, in the matter of a few short months.

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Various Aspects Of The Lease Purchase Business
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