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“Becoming wealthy is like playing Monopoly. . the person who can accumulate the most assets wins the game. ” -Noel Whittaker

Most people do not consider selling their house at auction. Auctioning off your house can increase the sale price and has actually less paperwork associated with the ownership transfer. Auctions have a bad rap in that they are usually associated with antiques, repossessed goods, or house foreclosures. Another benefit of auctioning off your house is that you do not have to wait around, sometimes months, for someone to buy.

The day it goes up for auction is the day that it is sold and out of your life forever. The longer you hold to a property the longer you will be at risk for plunging real estate prices and a decrease in your home's market value.

If a house does not sell within 30 days on the market it is probably not going to sell unless you drop the price. The longer it remains unsold the more competition it gets and the more money you have to fork over in terms of utilities, lawn care, and real estate brokerage fees.

If you are interested in moving now is the time to auction of your house and take full of advantage of the high property rates and demand. Auction is a quick and extremely time efficient alternative to traditional real estate sales.

Auctions are usually perform in the real estate agent's office. The real estate agent will determine the fair market value of the home. Taking that into consideration, and with you help, the selling price of the home will be established. The bidding begins at this point and can only go up.

The goal of an auction is to have several people interested and they will continue to outbid each other until someone get the highest bid. This is a great way to reach more people and also drive the selling price of your house up.

If your house is auctioned at price you do not like or you do not want to sell your house to the winner, you can choose not too. Auctioning is not a bidding agreement until the papers are signed.

If you are interested in auctioning your house contact your local real estate agent and arrange for meeting where he discuss, in detail, how a house auction works and what the benefits are. Your house is valuable investment make sure you maximize your profit!

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