Staying Calm When Home Values Drop


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As the real estate market cools off across the nation, many people are getting nervous about reductions in the value of their property. There is little reason for such stress.

Staying Calm When Home Values Drop

The real estate market can be looked at in two ways. First, you can look at the movements on a monthly or annual basis. When doing so, you will see moves up or down and perhaps stress yourself out far more than necessary. Alternatively, you can look at prices on a long-term perspective of five years or more and predict where they will go based on historical trends in real estate. By far, this second approach is the way to go when it comes to viewing the value of your home.

Unless you live in Texas or Colorado, there is no denying that you have probably seen significant appreciation gains on your home over the last ten years. The market has been about as hot as it ever has. Properties in Las Vegas, for instance, were appreciating at a staggering rate of twenty-five percent or more a year. A YEAR! On paper, a lot of people became millionaires because of the equity gains in their home. As always, such growth could not be sustained inevitably.

The gains you have made over the last five years or so appear to be under attack at the moment. Across the nation, we are seeing a pull back on home values because of a cooling real estate market. It is important that you don’t overreact to this pull back. The gains you have seen in the last few years were paper gains, to wit, they did not put money in your bank account unless you pulled money out of your home. As home values cool, it is important to realize any loss of equity is also a paper loss, to wit, you aren’t paying anything out.

A map of real estate prices over the years would show a continual up trend. Yes, there are variations over a two to three year period, but the overall trend is an increase in property values. There is no reason to believe this will change anytime soon. The current pull back on property values will pass and your home will start appreciating again. It may take a year or two, but it will happen. Relax!

If you are seeing a pull back on the value of your home, you should not sell unless there is some other compelling reason. Practice patience and you will see prices rise again in the near future.

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