Miami Housing Market: Summoning the Buyer's Eye


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Rising inventory is apparently an emerging trend in the Miami housing market today. Fortunately, it does not indicate that the market has turned cold. Even with the rising number of homes listed for sale on the multiple listing service, as well as the preponderance of price adjustments and slightly longer market times before a sale, real estate experts still opine good times ahead are still expected.

Buyer wariness coupled with rising inventory and abruptly increasing interest rates have some people saying that the Miami housing market is transitioning towards a buyer's market. But for those of you getting ready to sell your homes, do not lose hope. Rather, take the right mode of action now—the sooner, the better.

If you are intending to list your home for sale in the Miami housing market, just keep not in mind that the market’s condition today is far from being a multiple offer market where buyers are pushed to the wall and forced to make a snap decision or risk losing the property. Buyers generally take a little more time to make their purchasing decisions now. Hence, the wise initial step a seller should take now is to be even more prepared by employing a home inspection prior to listing their home for sale.

Repairs that are begging for attention should be addressed before anything else is done with the property. The sooner these repairs are fixed, the less the chance that the house will fend off emptors. It is indeed astounding how even the littlest amount of detail that needs repair that costs a mere couple of hundred dollars can hold up or even cause a several hundred-thousand dollar sale fail to consummate.

Real estate buyers are the ultimate comparison emptors, because they scrutinize details very critically. Ideally when showing your home it should appear clean and clutter free. That implies that if you do not have room and places to tuck away items, they need to be boxed up and put in storage.

Most importantly sellers should keep in mind that they only get on shot at rendering a first impression on any buyer. When a buyer walks out of the door of your home that was not as nice as the last one he or she visited, then almost certainly he or she is not going to go back to your house. Sellers need to know that when that happens they have been eliminated from that buyer’s list and it is likely that the home will not get any further consideration.

Oddly enough, even though most sellers have been buyers, they often forget to see their own home through the lens of a buyer. Oftentimes, sellers resort to haste while they are busy with other things. Consequently, they are not able to keep the house staged for showing status. They erroneously assume that a buyer will be able to see the beauty beneath the mess.

Of course, people are fended off by dirty homes and often remark about them when they leave. So it is more than crucial for sellers to go that extra mile to maintain the cleanliness and order of the home up for sale in the Miami housing market .

Finally, before you list your home for sale, it might be enriching to visit other comparable homes around your neighborhood. This will allow you to revive the buyer's perspective you have lost, thus enabling you to judge exactly how your home compares.

Earl Juanico


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Housing Bubble and Miami Real Estate
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