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Retail banking in Turkey has not always been a successful endeavor. In fact, much of the retail banking development has occurred in just the past few years.

With the development of state banks in Turkey, retail banking has the potential to really take off in the country. Prior to the latest development projects, banking has been unable to meet the needs of the people. With high interest rates and high start up costs, banks were not able to open their doors to the public and serve the people. Especially those individuals that need to obtain a home loan.

The history of retail banking has been relatively shaky in Turkey, only meeting the needs of 40% of the market that US banks do. Luckily, with newer development projects in the works and advances in retail banking procedure, Turkey’s banking will quickly be able to meet the needs of more people in larger capacity.

Retail banking in Turkey is advancing steadily, especially with organizations like TOKI, who make it their top priority to help the “little guy" expand their options and realize their dreams.

It is amazing how fast retail banking in Turkey has developed in recent years. It was just in 2001 that Turkey was only meeting 40% of what the U. S. banks were meeting. As current development projects come to a close, it can be expected that Turkey’s banking industry will be able to meet over 80% of the country’s needs! This is a vast improvement in such a short span of time!

This is why it is vital to get in on the ground floor of these latest Turkey development projects. By realizing retail banking is on the verge of becoming hugely successful all people can greatly benefit from the knowledge. Retail banking in Turkey can provide those normally disenfranchised by the system, with a wide range of opportunities to explore when it comes to home ownership.

In the scheme of things, retail banking in Turkey has the potential to change how people do business, how people buy homes and how families build their lives. With appropriate development projects in the works and responsible guidelines in place, Turkey should be able to accommodate many more of its citizens in the coming years than ever before with retail banking options. The sky’s the limit!

Resources for this article are taken from and more information about this specific subject can be found out at Turkiye Konut Kredisi Bankalari Faiz Oranlari and Banka Konut Kredileri


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