Homeowner Personal Loan – The Advantages of Ownership


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Even though we are talking about home ownership, it doesn’t hurt to give a wider idea of what ownership implies as a legal and economic term. Ownership refers to possession of an asset, any asset. Legally speaking, there is a distinction between movable property and immovable property. The first category constitutes personal assets and the second one, real assets (better known as real estate). Furthermore, there is another distinction between non-registered movable property (i. e.computers, house appliances) and registered movable property (i. e. Cars, Vans, Yachts).

Some personal assets (especially registered personal property) and real assets can be used as collateral to secure a loan. This entitles the lender to take legal action directly against the property and recover his money from the selling of the asset in a short term legal process. This greatly reduces the risk of lending money and thus, the interest rate charged for these loans is considerably lower.

Benefits of Home Ownership

However, owning any asset (especially real estate) contributes to getting lower interest rates not only when applying for secured personal loans, but when applying for unsecured personal loans too. Ownership is generally a guarantee for the lender because it implies solvency (the ability to meet financial obligations on time. ) in many ways. For starters, maintaining a property is not cheap, and thus, it shows the lender that you’ve been able to administrate your finances properly. But it also implies that in case you cannot afford the monthly payments and the lender has to resort to legal means to recover his money, there are more probabilities he will be able to get enough money from your assets to recover the amount owed and any legal fees he might incur in.

Lower rates are not the only benefit you can get from home ownership. The amount of money you can request is also an important factor. Home owners, due to how the property contributes to his solvency, can get higher loan amounts either with secured personal loans or unsecured personal loans . It really depends on how many assets you have and the value of each one whether you can get a higher loan amount with a secured loan or an unsecured loan. This is due to the fact that secured loans can offer as much money as the property’s value while the amount of money you can request on an unsecured loan is related to the whole value of all the debtor’s assets.

Furthermore, homeowners will also get longer repayment programs. Since the length of the loan is linked directly with the risk involved for the lender in the financial transaction and given that homeowners imply a considerable lower risk, homeowner personal loans have extended repayment plans with more flexible terms. And as a consequence of lower rates and longer repayment programs, homeowners also get lower monthly payments that are easily afforded.

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