Investment in Land – How To Make Huge Profits & Avoid Common Mistakes


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There are numerous countries you can choose for land investments, but how do you pick the best one?

This article will give you some tips on picking the best land investment locations, without losing heavily.

If you buy investment land in the correct country and the correct location, you can look forward to doubling your money in a year! However, get it wrong and you will lose heavily.

Here are six tips for buying investment land for highest profit potential and lowest risk.

1. Buy A Growing Market

There are a lot of overseas land investments that are touted as the next “hot one” and you should get in quick.

The downside with many of these overseas land investments is that, prices never take off and you’re left with a loss!

We have seen new locations touted such as Romania!

Sure, it may take off, but don’t hold your breath.

The best way to buy land investments is to buy an established overseas land market that has a record of good growth which is likely to continue.

A great choice is Central America where countries such as Costa Rica and Panama have been providing many astute investors with triple digit gains on investment land every year, yet prices remain cheap in global terms.

2. Don’t buy cheap competitively priced land

Don’t buy investment land just because it’s cheap, it can always get cheaper, buy land investments that are competitive in price and have the potential for further growth.

Land is all about location and to get growth you need to buy close to the infrastructure being built, while more expensive, you have to see upside potential to risk.

Don’t look for cheap investment land for the sake of it; look for best upside to downside risk.

This is normally land in a growing market, that is sucking in new investment and has a track record.

Again central America is a great location for this

3. Look At Long Term Prospects for Land prices

Take a look at the future long term prospects for the country that your land investment is in.

There is no point risking your money in a land investment overseas that has the potential to be unstable politically or economically.

Many overseas property investments advertised are in economies that are poor and where the government and political situation is fragile.

Take Nicaragua:

A hot new location, but the Sandinistas have a real chance of getting in power again, so what will happen to foreign investment? Don’t bet against it being taken back!

4. Look at Up & Coming Locations in the country

If you want to make more than the average growth rate from your overseas property, then look for new and up and coming locations, within a growing economy.

As locations become established, they become more expensive and growth potential drops.

Look for the next “hot area” and look at the coming infrastructure to see hwere it will be. If you can take advantage of buying near important new developments: Like roads, airports or marinas. Chances are your investment will soar as these near completion and the herd arrives. You are in ahead and can sell at a profit.

5. Rights and Ease of purchase

Many countries don’t give favorable purchase rights to overseas investors and this can mean you could be in for a shock later on.

Take Eastern Europe, you may buy investment land and find someone has a claim from before the war! Due to shifting economic boundaries this happens a lot.

6. Overseas property investment – do your homework!

Don’t fall for sales hype and buy land investments in locations that may look good in the future with no track record, but locations that look good already ( have a track record of rising investment land prices ) and have potential to grow.

This may not be the cheapest land, but offers the best in terms of risk reward.

Make sure you do some research on the country you wish to purchase your land investment in so you have all the facts and get local help to assist you with any purchase or advice you on your rights.

Above all use common sense when buying overseas land investments, look at the facts and don’t fall for any sales hype.

Double Your Money Quickly With Low Risk!

If you follow the tips above and pick your overseas land investments carefully, you could be doubling your money every few years.

There is no better way to build wealth with low risk than overseas land investment in the right location.

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