Costa Rica Land for Sale – Location is the Key to Making Big Gains


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Land for sale in Costa Rica has been a bull market for the past ten years - and the market really took off when the Costa Rican economy picked up in 1997.

Many people who looked at land for sale in Costa Rica are also looking at other cheaper countries in the region - but Costa Rica offers a better risk / reward for the following reasons:

1. Its an established market with record demand

Just because a bull market is under way doesn’t mean that it’s over - on the contrary, foreign investment is at record highs, and more people than ever are considering land investments in Costa Rica.

Gains are 300% in ten years, with many people making far more - and while you have to be careful with selection, you can make these gains and maybe even more.

2. The problem with new markets

Neighbouring countries are promoting land for sale, and it’s cheap - but it’s cheap for a reason – it’s a new market.

Whether countries such as Belize, Guatemala or Honduras can become the new Costa Rica is open to debate, as they lack all, or some of the following:

1. GDP comparable with Costa Rica, which reflects in infrastructure and services.

Costa Rica land will remain in demand because the infrastructure is so well developed.

Roads, airports, marina’s, advanced telecommunications, are all of a high standard. In addition, there are familiar brand name shops as well as good entertainment.

2. An established track record

Sure, some people like to be the first in, but others like to see a track record of growth - and that’s exactly what the Costa Rican property market offers - a track record of growth, and a record of investment that will see growth continue.

The key now is location

The key to making above average gains is undoubtedly location, and while many areas of Costa Rica are expensive, new, less expensive areas are developing. These new areas offer the potential to double or triple the value of your investment in just a few years.

Ask yourself this question:

Would you rather buy land in an underdeveloped area of Costa Rica - knowing that its odds on to increase in value - or, buy underdeveloped land in a country with no track record, where prices may take off (remember that most new property hotspots never actually take off).

If you like high risk then buy land in a country with no track record. If you don’t like high risk, then play it safe and buy land that’s for sale in Costa Rica - and get fantastic upside, but very low downside risk.

An established market offers you the best risk / reward.

There are plenty of investors who get rich investing in established areas such as London or New York – but they’re careful with location selection. These investors know that if they pick the RIGHT under developed location in a booming market, then it’s value will rise - and this is exactly the reason you should buy land in Costa Rica.

It’s a fact that the richest property investors buy in established markets – markets that have high and sustained demand.

For every person that made a fortune in a hot spot that was about to take off, there are hundreds of people you never heard about – people that lost, and lost heavily.

Whether you want an investment, a retirement home, or a holiday home - buy some land that’s currently for sale in Costa Rica – Costa Rica is a good solid home for your investment.

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