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Many investors are aware that land that’s for sale in Costa Rica right now can make quick capital gains - however, buy in the right location and you can make even more money.

This article is all about buying Costa Rica land - and more importantly, buying land for sale in the RIGHT location to boost your profits.

With as many as 1 million Americans expected to be living in Costa Rica by 2010, this is a great opportunity for real estate and land investors to get in early, and make a killing.

Location, Location, Location!

As with any investment in land and real estate - location is the key.

The average cost of property and land for sale in Costa Rica has risen by 300% in the last 10 years - but this is just the average - there are areas of Costa Rica that have seen bigger increases in value.

The trick is to look at the developing infrastructure - to see where the next “hot spot” might be.

The Comfort Factor

Why are people moving to Costa Rica? There are many reasons and they include:

  • Reducing taxation liability

  • The cheaper living costs, with everyday expenses up to 70% cheaper than in the US

  • The stunning beaches and beautiful countryside

  • The safety factor and slower pace of life

  • The comfort factor and infrastructure

    When people choose to live overseas, one of the first things they want to do is replace the comforts of the home they’ve just left - and this means looking at the comfort and convenience factor.

    Here are three changes to the infrastructure, which could yield big gains for those investors buying land in Costa Rica. The trick is to buy before the facilities are completed - getting in ahead of the crowd, and then wait for the herd to follow and push up prices.

    Consider the following changes, and think how you could take advantage of them - here are three real life examples, happening right now in Costa Rica:

    1. New Motorway: Due to be completed shortly, this road will link the largest metropolitan cities to the Pacific Coast and allow greater mobility and ease of access.

    2. New Marina: The largest marina in the country will soon be completed in the coastal town of Quepos.

    3. New Airport: A new international airport is being planned and will be built near the town of Orotina with direct flights to the US.

    Get in Ahead of the Crowd

    Buying land that’s presently for sale in Costa Rica, near any of the three developments mentioned above, can help you out-perform average growth rates - which are already impressive.

    Of course, there are plenty more examples in many different areas of Costa Rica, where land that’s currently for sale will increase in price – you simply need to do some research, and get in ahead of the crowd to make above average gains.

    Costa Rican property and land for sale are steadily increasing in price, and there is no reason for this trend to end - in fact, the influx of overseas buyers is likely to accelerate price rises.

    Not only are US nationals buying in ever increasing numbers, so too are other foreign nationals. The major corporations are also moving in - such as Intel, Microsoft, as well as Proctor and Gamble.

    All these changes will see new developments in the infrastructure to support these new arrivals - and land that’s for sale in Costa Rica will make perceptive buyers big capital gains in the years ahead.

    Unlike many of the new so-called hot markets, Costa Rica is stable, the infrastructure is good, and buying is easy. In addition, the foreign investors buying Costa Rican land have the same rights as Costa Rica citizens - making it a great investment opportunity.

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    The Multiplicity Of Ethnicity In The Caribbean of Costa Rica Property for Sale
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