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Iguana Food - What You Need to Know to Keep Your Pet Healthy


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Iguanas belong to the category of exotic animals that require some extra care in order to be healthy and live long. One of the important aspects of iguana health is feeding them the right iguana food. Unfortunately, there are several myths about iguanas and their diets, most of the revolving around the fact that iguanas are just fine if they are fed just lettuce. Of course this is not something that exotic pets aficionados would think or practice, but it's a common belief among those who do not know any better.

Although there are many studies and suggestions on their diet plans, there is one common denominator for all of them. You need to feed your iguana properly or he will become ill and most likely die. Their diet is specific for their body and constitution so it is always recommended to ask for the suggestion of an expert before buying an iguana.

Iguanas are considered, contrary to what most people think, to be vegetarians. This comes as a result of their structure and needs, as they are animals that have a particular digestive system. Although they are absolutely capable of eating small animals, like insects, or foods that would be given to cats and dogs, the truth is that they are not made for this, because this kind of food can deteriorate their digestive system.

So, just what is the perfect iguana food?

Vegetables are by far the preferred source of food for iguanas, due to the plant proteins which offer the needed quantity of nutritional content. Plant proteins are easy to absorb and are the best source for the iguanas, which are in general sensitive when it comes to their kidneys and overall digestion.

Proteins found in some veggies are extremely helpful for the development of the iguana, while some others which are most popular are to be avoided, such as lettuce or spinach, because they are too acidic and the iguanas have a hard time processing them. Meat and foods of that kind are very welcome as long as they are not given frequently to them and only under the suggestion and orders of a vet.

What is even more important than food for the iguanas is water. They are known for their need for plenty of water, so always make sure that they have a good quantity of fresh water for them. In some cases it is recommended to keep their cage and home moist, by spraying it, otherwise iguanas tend to become dehydrated.

All exotic animals, including iguanas, need specific care outside their habitat and you really must be sure you can provide that for them before you bring them home. If you are not up to the task, it is better for both you and the iguana that you wait until you are.

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