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Providing the Perfect Turtle and Terrapin Care


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When it comes to caring for your pet turtle or pet terrapin there are a few basic things that you should know in order to make sure that you are providing your pet with the most quality care and to ensure that you will have your pet turtle or pet terrapin around to lead a happy and healthy life with you.

First, you should know all about the exact type and breed of the pet turtle that you have. Keeping turtles in your home requires special attention to dietary and living needs that are dependent on the breed of the turtle or terrapin.

Turtle care involves knowing whether your pet turtle or terrapin is a boy or a girl and if they prefer to live together in groups or alone. Some kinds of pet turtles prefer to live in groups of similar turtles, but usually they all should be about the same size and it is generally not a good idea to have some larger ones and some smaller ones.

One of the best ways to detect the sex of your pet turtle early on before they reach *** maturity is by the length of the claws. Males tend to have much longer claws than females and it is typically noticeable.

Another basic care necessity of pet turtles and terrapins is diet. Most turtles prefer and need a variety of fresh foods that include dark, leafy greens. There are certain kinds of pet turtles that do prefer to eat worms, snails and other greens as well. All turtles need to have enough vitamins and minerals in order to retain health and these can be found in supplements that can be added to their diet and regular feedings once or twice a week.

You may also want to make sure that your pet turtle gets enough calcium in their diet so you can add a calcium block in your turtle's habitat for it to snack on.

You also need to provide the right kind of environment for your pet turtle, which can include providing both a dry habitat and a wet habitat if you have any kind of semi-aquatic turtle. The right temperature and lighting is also very important to the well being and health of your turtle. Keep the habitats of your pet turtles very clean and make sure that you are giving your pet turtles enough attention.

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