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Basic Bearded Dragon Care


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Although bearded dragons are naturally strong and sturdy, it shouldn't be ignored on how to take care of them. You should take granted of the this fact. In fact, this pet can live up to 15 years is you really focus on them, providing proper care.

There are several facts that you should understand as bearded dragon owner. This pet is a dessert animal, they do need a lot of sunlight throughout their life. The vitamins and calcium intake need the sunlight for absorptions, else they will be sick quickly. This is the main reason that providing a UVA and UVB for them as the natural sunlight they have during the day time.

Besides the lighting setting in the vivarium, a proper dietary plan is another factor that is essential to caring a bearded dragon. Always remember to mix vitamins and calcium into their food. Bone weakening illness can be occurred such as Metallic Bone disease and other unforeseen illnesses related to bone due to deficiency in Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D.

Even in wild, this reptile has various living conditions, it is essential to provide a clean environment for them in the captivity. This will prevent the parasites from growing in the vivarium and sneaking into the food that bearded dragon eat. If the pet is affected, you can see several symptoms that may be appear such as weight loss. If you happen to have this problem, you should bring your pet to the nearest vet for examinations to prevent death.

If you have decided to keep a >bearded dragon as your reptile pet, please keep in mind these basic rules as the guidelines for the happy living of your pet. This will definitely reduce the troubles and stress for you as the percentages of having the pet to get sick can be greatly reduce.

I hope you can gain some insights on how to take care of this pet, if you would like to understand more about this pet. You can always visit Bearded Dragon Care for more information.

The author is a reptile hobbyist and adopted several bearded dragons as this pet. He has started bearded dragon care website at to share the knowledge that he has gained and learn about this reptile as pet owner.


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