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Caring For Your Turtle


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If you and your family have decided that you would like to keep an exotic pet, such as a turtle, there are many things that you need to be aware of when caring for a pet such as this. Sometimes they might have special diet requirements that you need to follow strictly in order for the pet to be healthy and happy.

Turtles can be interesting pets for anyone to take care of and are often picked as pets for the wrong reasons. One of the main things that you will need to do when you are caring for a turtle is to make sure that the turtle has the correct environment to live in. Turtles need to have just the right temperatures in order to survive in whatever environment that you have created for them. You need to make sure that your turtle has enough room to move around as well as a basking light so they can warm up if they choose to. If you choose to use a refrigerator to recreate their habitat, be aware that any drastic increases in temperature can cause the turtle to go into shock and can be fatal to the turtle.

Another factor to consider is the diet that the turtle will need to be on. The first factor that you need to realize is that your turtle is an omnivore which means that they will eat both meat and vegetables. On the other hand, you need to make sure that your turtle has a well balanced diet in order for the turtle to stay happy and healthy while it is growing and maturing. Feeding your turtle fresh fruits and vegetables as well as fish is always a safe diet when it comes to the health of your pet. Fish is often a good meat to provide for your turtle because it provides a lot of nutrients that your turtle will need to stay healthy. There are also some different types of sticks that you can buy for your turtle that already contain the correct amounts of nutrients and food that your turtle will need to survive. Your turtle needs exercise so giving your turtle a live fish in the water will help it to stay active and hunting is the best way to exercise for a growing turtle. Remember that if your turtle begins to look a cloudy washed out color, you need to take it to the vet immediately because it could be sick with some type of disease.

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