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Want a Clear Saltwater Fish Tank? - Try These 16 Tips to Keep Your Saltwater Aquarium Crystal Clear

Darin Sewell

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Keeping a saltwater fish tank crystal clear is not difficult to accomplish. It is not one major thing that will help keep your water clear but a series of smaller things that when combined will keep your marine aquarium water clean and clear.

16 Easy Ways To Keep Saltwater Aquariums Clear And Clean

  • Use Filters with very fine filter pads or polishing filters elements
  • Use a coarse aragonite gravel substrate so it does not blow around the tank
  • Do not use fine sand that will blow around and cloud the aquarium water
  • Do not overfeed your fish as this can lead to bacterial blooms and cloudy water
  • Keep all your filters clean and operating efficiently so they can filter the maximum amount of water
  • Do not buy fish that like to burrow or dig in the aquarium gravel and throw up debris
  • Change your water on a regular basis and try to change 20-30% every month
  • Use activated carbon to remove discoloration and organics from the water
  • Do not overstock your saltwater aquarium with to many fish
  • Use a slightly larger then needed protein skimmer To skim the water clear
  • Vacuum your gravel when doing water changes to remove settled debris
  • Have adequate circulation so debris can be kept in suspension long enough to be removed by the filter system
  • Use a Ultraviolet sterilizer to kill any bacteria or algae in the water that can lead to clouding
  • Do not over use additives unless you can test for them and are sure you need them
  • Use reverse osmosis water to make your saltwater and for any water you add to the saltwater tank to minimize toxins and impurities that are found in straight tap water
  • Use a cleaner magnet to clean the inside glass of the aquarium where dirt can settle and look cloudy.

To create a crystal clear easy-to-maintain saltwater aquarium grab a copy of our Saltwater Aquarium Guide . This illustrated guide will show you step by step how to properly set up your aquarium. It's crammed with tips and secrets that the pros use to create stunning aquatic displays! Learn more at


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