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How to Build and Maintain a Freshwater Aquarium


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Making an Aquarium

A visit to the local pet shop revealed that the aquariums were expensive , so to this end we decided to make our own.

Having made a few enquiries we bought all the necessary items, and stuck the glass together using silicone. After three days the tank was filled with water aand left for three days for stress test.
The tank was emptied, qand we began the installation of gravel, under gravel-filter, plants, air pump, and the main filter: having refilled the tank with fresh water, we dispensed a few drops of chlorine remover as instructed.

Choosing Fish.

The aquarium is up and we are to choose some fish, which we are going to have some fun doing.
Choosing the right fish requires some thought. Don't just choose by looking at them, because some fish are fighters/nibblers, some are territorial; some like hiding behind plants, yet others are peaceful and willing to share the tank with other fish.

Buying Fish

(1) Choose according to the size of the aquarium; a good guide is to allow two inches of fish per gallon of water. Overcrowding creates problems due to stress and stress can lead to disease. You'll have excess fecal matter; you are likely to overfeed which causes contamination and discoloration of water.

(2) Some dealers knowingly sell sick fish, so buy your fish from a reputable dealer.

(3) For social compatibility buy fish in pairs: a single fish doesn't seem to mix with other fish in the tank.

(4) Some fish thrives better in salty or brackish water rather than plain water. Others like the Mystic Shark (which is a beautiful fish to admire) will go crazy if too much movement is in the vicinity of the aquarium. This fish moves very fast and arashes into the ends of the aquarium, damaging himself and otheersa he collides with: this may be fatal at times.

(5) Some fish eat the leaves off plants and may even uproot them (Tin Foil Barb), some chew the gravel and spit it out (Koi), while other just enjoy making a mountain with the gravel exposing the under-gravel filter. Gourame likes to occupy the top of the tank while others are bottom dwellers.

Some fish foods floats and some sinks: this can cause problems in feeding. A plastic pipe (tube) approx. six inches in length and three inches in diameter should be provided in the tank because some fish likes to hide or anything to be private.

I consider myself an expert in keeping and maintaining fresh water fish. I started about forty years ago, and have enjoyed the health benefits associated with this hobby. Stress relief is a very important factor and I highly recommend this hobby to everyone.

For more information and free tips, visit my website.


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