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Types of Easy to Keep Saltwater Fish That Will Do Well in a New Saltwater Aquarium

Darin Sewell

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Anyone starting a new saltwater aquarium should make it a point to start with some easy to keep saltwater fish. Listed below you will find some popular and easy to care for saltwater fish for beginners. These low cost fish will allow you to get the hang of caring for your tank so you can move up to more delicate and demanding species with confidence.

Good Marine Aquarium Fish That Are Easy To Keep

  • Dotty backs- These durable fish come in a wide variety of bright colors. They will eat pretty much anything and are very resistant to disease. Some species however can be extremely territorial and may even kill other fish. One of the best species is the orchid dotty back, it is a beautiful purple fish that will spawn in captivity and has a more laid back personality compared to some other dotty backs.
  • Blennies- Blennies are great easy to keep saltwater fish for beginners. Not only so the have great personalities but they eat algae as well. Some of the more common types are the lawnmower blenny, the bi color blenny and the red lipped blenny. All will make great additions to the community saltwater aquarium.
  • Cardinal Fish- Cardinal fish are great hardy marine fish that thrive in a new fish keepers tank. The eat well, are disease resistant and you can even buy captive bred specimens making them even more hardy. One of the more popular species is the Banggai cardinal fish. This silver and black striped fish will add an interesting personality to your tank and also makes a great community saltwater aquarium fish

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