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Keep Your Saltwater Tank Setup Beautiful With Proper With Saltwater Aquarium Care

Darin Sewell

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Having a saltwater tank setup in your home or office is a great way to add natural beauty and color. Keeping this tank looking good however is another story, unlike their freshwater counterparts saltwater fish tanks need good maintenance habits in order for them to flourish and remain beautiful

Proper Saltwater Aquarium Care For Long term Success

To start with you must realize that taking care of a saltwater tank setup is similar to caring for a freshwater tank their are a few key differences.

The main difference is the water. Saltwater aquariums require at least 25% of the water be changed on a monthly basis, it is better to do this in two or three smaller water changes so the fish are not chocked t much by changes in PH or temperature.

You must also make sure to replace any evaporated water from the tank between water changes and right before the water change. Failure to do this can result in aquarium salt levels reaching to high a level and possibly killing the fish.

Also make sure that the replacement water that is going into the tank is very close the the same temperature and salinity as the water you are taking out. this will make the process less stressful on your fish.

Basic Routine Care

After the water changes saltwater aquarium care is very straight forward like that of a freshwater tank. Just make sure to clean and replace all filter materials and pads twice a month.

Feed your fish twice a day and monitor your tanks inhabitants during the feedings for signs of stress or disease.

Keep and eye on tank temperature on a daily basis and never let it get over 80 degrees or the dissolved oxygen in the water will start to be reduced leading to laboring fish and possible death.

Want a stunning Saltwater Aquarium with healthy thriving fish? Our marine aquarium guide will show step by step you how to set up your tank and avoid the common mistakes that lead to fish death, algae and an ugly tank. To get the secrets to creating a stunning saltwater aquarium visit


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