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How Long Do Goldfish Live? And Other Questions


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They can actually live for 20-30 years! When I first got a goldfish, I had no idea that they can live that long, I thought a few years tops.

Is it Possible to Overfeed?

Overfeeding can be deadly. Small tanks get polluted with decaying fish waste and uneaten food within a day, killing the fish in a relatively short period of time. Goldfish have large appetites, but they also graze for food constantly. Don't let their ‘mock hunger’ and grousing around for food fool you into over feeding them.

Can You Mix Goldfish?

Goldfish in the wild sometimes stay together in schools. They'll be happy if they have a few playmates in the bowl, but mixing them with other fish isn't always a good idea.

What Does Your Goldfish Environment Need?

Goldfish like rocks or gravel at the bottom of the tank, and the rocks help keep the trees in place. You also need a cover so the goldfish don't jump out. Goldfish were introduced to England in the 1600s, where they, and the hobby, began its long road to popularity. Goldfish may display similar behaviors when responding to their reflections in a mirror.

Do Goldfish Have Teeth?

Goldfish do not have teeth in their jaws, but they do have pharyngeal teeth found in the back part of the oral cavity. Goldfish, on the other hand, are usually slow to develop their colors. Most start to change color at an inch or two in length but there is variation.

Hopefully you learned a thing or two today!

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