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Adding an Oscar Fish to Your Aquarium Habitat


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Considering adding some oscal fish to your fish habitat?

Oscar fish are a kind of Chiclid, believe it or not, and can live happily with other Chiclids their size or larger. But if you would like to have these fish together, a large aquarium, lots of hiding places and live plants will be needed. Oscar fish are like dogs, they get excited when they see you. Of course in a fish's case it's not love, he's just hungry all the time and wants food.

Breeding Oscars is easy as long as the water is clean and you raise the temperature from the normal 25 C (77 F) to 28 C (80 F). The female will choose a flat rock to lay her eggs (about 1000 eggs) and the male will fertilize them. Breeding goes well when you use live food . Use heavy rocks , they will clean them in order to lay eggs on. Breed beautiful and exotic fish in this unique aquarium-sim puzzler. These are your fish and like real fish, you need to care for them.

Temperature is also a major factor to consider, as well as consistency of temperature. You can upsize tanks as he grows, but keep in mind that any time you do any kind of upheaval, it is a major stress factor and could make him vulnerable to disease. Temperature is important, and should be kept stable somewhere in 79-86?F range. Feeding Oscars is not a problem since they will take every food you give, including flake frozen fish, prawns, pellets, earth worms, crickets, kitchen scrapes?and of course live food.

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