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Articles about or concerning Farm And Ranch Animals, 4-H, Animal Housing, Goats, Cows, Chickens, Hobby Farming.
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Treat Your Sheep Shearer Well

 Virginia E. Lyons (June 14, 2008)  Finding a Shearer For new breeders of fiber livestock, finding a livestock shearer may be very perplexing because shearing is not a service that is likely to be listed in the local phone book. For breeders with small herds of sheep, llamas, alpacas, or goats, another difficulty is that it is not economical for a professional shearer to service a small farm operation with less than 50 .. (Farm Ranch)

Alpaca Farming - How Much Will Your Outfit Cost?

 Richard Runion (May 14, 2008)  Once you have bought farm property, and your alpacas, (a one-time investment), you must consider how to outfit yourself so as to raise the animals. In this article, I have detailed some other investments you will need to make, and expenses you will need to incur. After the initial investments, you will also have to plan for ongoing costs. These, like food intake (grain and hay), and .. (Farm Ranch)

Raising Chickens in Your Backyard

 Carole DeJarnatt (April 14, 2008)  Do you have a desire to raise your own chickens in your backyard? The enjoyment you get from watching their antics to eating the fresh eggs is worth the efforts you put forth in getting ready to raise chickens in your backyard. I am fairly new to raising urban chickens and when I began I was less than thrilled. It was not in my plans to raise chickens but divine intervention happened. .. (Farm Ranch)

Cute Cows - Are you searching for Cow Pictures?

 Andrea Scott (February 19, 2008)  Are you a fan of cute cows? People who love cows and others who simply adore them for their uniqueness as animals, are probably fortunate enough to own them or live in the countryside where they are an important of rural countryside. Often, people see pictures of cows in books or on products that are available for purchase such as art and household products as well as toys and .. (Farm Ranch)

Defense Mechanisms Practiced by The Alpaca

 Roberts Bairds (January 25, 2008)  The country of Peru is located in the merging point between eastern and western Europe and is home to innumerable varieties of plants and animals. The alpaca is one of the foremost among them. The alpacas were initially domesticated by the Moche people who reside in Peru and since then these animals have been preserved with a lot of care. The most important and valuable component .. (Farm Ranch)

Behavioral Pattern of The Alpacas

 Roberts Bairds (January 25, 2008)  In the central European country of Peru, a plethora of flora and fauna inhabit themselves of which one of the foremost is the alpaca. They are quite similar in appearance to the llama or the South American camelid and initially they were domesticated by the Moche people who inhabited a part of the Peruvian territory. In Peru, the alpacas are usually found to graze together in herds .. (Farm Ranch)

Pygmy Goat Auto Mechanics

 Steven Grant (September 05, 2007)  Pygmy goats love to help, in their own little ways, with work around the homestead. Our little herd: Charlie, Ella, Jack and Sally are no different. As soon as I back out the lawn tractor Ella jumps onto the driver's seat. If I start cleaning out the shed Sally starts gnawing on the pitchfork. If I lay down in the driveway to look at a corroded muffler Jack starts using my back as a .. (Farm Ranch)

4 Chicken Coop Plans for Bantams

 Dale Higgins (August 14, 2007)  Raising chickens has become a high demanding job amongst farmers. You may not think that keeping chickens, feeding them, breeding them and using their eggs for food would be practiced regularly as it was in the past. Sure, times have changed and there are now many chicken raising factories that have automated egg hatcheries and such, but the fundamental procedures of raising chickens .. (Farm Ranch)

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