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Turkey Breeding For Fun and Profit


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If you enjoyed raising a few baby turkeys every once in a while, you may consider raising a few to adulthood and try turkey breeding for fun and profit. It's not that difficult to do and there's not much difference between what your already doing, you just have a few adult turkeys hanging around, and enjoy watching them raise babies.

The best part about raising your own turkeys is the fact that they are your males and females, and that they would have already determined their pecking order. If you don't raise your turkeys together but purchase adult breeding turkeys, you will have to let them settle into a flock and discover their own pecking order before breeding season.

You know it's breeding season for your turkeys when the males began to strut their stuff. They will then cover the female hens on a regular basis for the period of about a week. She will then begin to lay her eggs in the nesting box you provided, if she is not laying them in the box, try a different nesting box. Turkeys are not super particular, but they do want their nesting box big enough to be comfortable, and small enough to be protective.

Turkeys will lay one egg a day, and perhaps give a day off here and there. And slowly but surely over a period of a week they will fill their nest and begin incubating the eggs.

Of course, you can take the eggs away, get a turkey incubator and incubate them yourself, they hatch within about four weeks. An exciting time, especially if you have children in the house.

Once your turkeys are healthy, you can begin selling the babies to other individuals who want to raise a bit of turkey meat themselves. Make sure your turkey babies are healthy when you sell them, or, raise them yourself and sell them as adult turkeys ready to eat.

There are many benefits to breeding turkeys, especially if you are one to want to raise them organically. By breeding your own turkeys you will know that they are organic from the get go, and it's really nice if you allow them to free range. You will still need a turkey house for shelter and protection from predators but letting the mama and babies out during the day to range is good for all the turkeys and will give you healthy fit turkey babies and mamas.

So, whether you are raising your turkeys for meat or to get a few breeders of your own, start out with the healthiest turkeys you can and you will be sure to have the healthiest of babies by breeding turkeys for fun and profit.

Andrew Grey is the author of “The Essential Beginners Guide To Raising Turkeys". If you would like to learn the right way of turkey breeding easily the first time from experience people who have raised more than 250,000 turkeys and avoid deadly and costly mistakes, find out more at


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