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Chicken Breeds - Andalusian


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The Andalusian is one of the oldest Mediterranean breeds of chicken around today, originating from the Province of Andalusian in Spain. They were originally developed from both white and black birds that were imported around 1846, from their native land, Andalusian, Spain.

The combination of a black fowl with a similar white sports produced a blue slate colored fowl, similar to the crossing of black and white fowls that was going on in Cornwall and Devon in England.

The crossings between Black Spanish and Minorca breeds meant that the shape of the earlier birds, which was well before the modern day Andalusian , which is symmetrical, graceful, compact, medium in size, and stately in carriage

The Andalusian went on to make headlines when in 1888 they were in great numbers at the Crystal Palace Show totaling 58 males and 55 females.

The Andalusian has a long body, as well as a long tail, which is generally at a 45 degree angle and each feather will be lightly laced with a black edging. The Andalusian tend to be a good backyard layer, activer foragers and make a unique showbird. They also very quiet and can be found in miniature and large form.

The sole purpose of the Andalusian is an egg layer, which are white, although the female breeds are very fast runners, so make sure you get yourself a landing net if your thinking of breeding them.

As mentioned before, they are a good bird to breed as they are rare and have a Mediterranean origin, not to mention good egg numbers of around 160 per year, or an average of 3 per week.

Grant Draper

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