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Alpacas - The Newest Trend Amongst Livestock Breeders


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When one hears the word “Alpacas", typically the first thing that comes to mind is the common llama. This is a common misconception because, although alpacas do tend to resemble their llama cousins because they are in the same family of mammal, they are a different species altogether. In recent years alpaca farming has become more and more popular amongst those in Western civilizations, as their fur is highly coveted for the making of textiles. In this article, we want to talk to you about the mighty alpacas and show you just how amazing this stout little animal really is.

The History Of Alpacas

Closely related to the llama, alpacas are a much smaller camelid which appeal to connoisseurs everywhere because of their long, luxurious wool. This wool is used in the creation of everything from blankets and sweaters, to scarves, coats, and even bedding in many parts of the world. Although alpacas were once prized for their meat (which is considered a delicacy in many cultures), and raised by many in much the same way as we raise cattle, the alpacas are now a protected species, and as such are no longer raised and hunted for their sweet meat. Once found only in far off regions of the Andes, Peru and Chile, alpaca farms are now cropping up all over North America, Australia and the UK.

The Appeal Of Alpaca Farming

Of course, when you first think of farming, I'm sure the last thing that goes through your mind are alpacas; but the fact of the matter is that alpaca farming has gained in popularity over the last few decades. Even though they are no longer raised for their meat, the wool of alpacas is still highly coveted in the textile industry. Used to make many of the same things that sheep's wool is, alpaca wool is both softer and more durable, making it ideal for many uses in making top of the line clothing and bedding.

Little Known Facts About Alpacas

In addition to the luxurious wool they provide, alpacas are also quite tame and are often made into family pets. They are social animals who typically live in family groups within the herd.  Also, unlike their llama and camel cousins, alpacas are not typically prone to spitting. They certainly can spit, but typically don't unless they feel disdain for another alpaca. The primary cause for this is because spitting brings up stomach acids which leave a foul taste and odour in an alpaca's mouth. Additionally, alpacas are very hygienic animals, and can often be house trained to be kept as pets.

As you can see, alpacas are a very interesting animal with many uses in this world. Whether your interest in alpacas is due to a desire to raise them for yourself, or simply to learn more about the wonderful animal that provides millions with warm wool, you have to admit that they are fascinating and beautiful creatures.

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