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8 Ways a Pre Engineered Metal Building Can Provide the Best Horse Barn to Save You Time and Money


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From small to large, there are many types of farm buildings available. These include farm shops, machine and farm storage, general-purpose, livestock, dairy, beef, and more. Quality horse buildings can provide your horses with safe, beautiful shelter. Before you make a final decision, consider pre-engineered buildings for your farm or equestrian needs. Find a company that has built a reputation on planning and constructing modern, safe, functional and efficient equine facilities.

Here are 8 ways a pre-engineered metal building can provide a well-designed horse barn to help you save time, money and effort:

1. Organize. Plan to put all useful yet unattractive features, such as your manure bin out, of sight of your house and area, but still convenient to the barn. You can also put your barn's delivery area where it is less visible, and relocate your delivery and barn parking where they won't mix with horse traffic. Build a “utility room" to store mucking and cleaning tools separately from feed, tack, and other equipment.

2. Save Time - Reduce Labor Costs! With a well-designed barn, you can eliminate a step for each job done: feeding, tacking up, filling water buckets, accessing medication. For instance, if you normally take two hundred steps an hour caring for your horses, and your new design trims that to one hundred steps, then you've saved time by reducing walking distance! Even better, you have also reduced your “labor costs" when considering time and actual dollars for hired helpers.

3. Minimize Mess. Identify all potential sources of mess and plan your layout to confine that mess. In a four-stall center-aisle barn or smaller, for instance, cluster the stalls; that way, when you muck, the mess stays in their end of the barn. For an area with more than four stalls, put tack and feed rooms in the middle; saves steps and keeps the middle mess-free. ) Allow to separate tack and feed rooms, because clean tack hung in a feed room will quickly accumulate dust.

4. Monitor air flow. Good air flow is crucial to your horse's health.

5. Bring in the light. Good lighting makes everything more pleasant. Not to mention, the better lit a horse barn is, the easier it is to work in, and the fewer flies congregate in it.

6. Save with windows and skylights. The more you use natural light, the lower your electric bills. (Note: Most “leakage" from skylights is actually built-up condensation. Prevent it by insulating your roof or lining it with plywood. Not recommended where the will subject horses to unrelenting sunlight in hot weather - one reason for placing stall windows high as possible)

7. Preserve costly horse meds. Splurge for a mini-refrigerator (about $140), it will quickly pay for itself keeping expensive medications from going bad. If there's room, another sink lets you mix medications, wash dishes, etc.

8. Stay in code. Installing a restroom in your barn is not a huge expense. State law may require a restroom if you hire helpers. Even if not, it both saves you steps and minimizes mess by not tracking mud and muck into your house.

We offer the flexibility and expertise to meet your building needs. Visit us for more information on how you can save on your metal building project today.

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