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How To Care For Your Ferrets


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Four weeks ago, I told my lovely ferret ‘Oh little Bandit, don't worry, we would solve it, cheer up baby’. Well, let me tell you the story. I bought a new tiny ferret, as I love having pets at home. But this little Bandit caused a huge mess indeed. He was pooping everywhere but his litter box, lots of bites and nips, besides getting some of our little stuff lost! Really so dynamic! This is unpleasant for anyone ?I mean here my sister Jessie who came recently to live with me? especially for those people, who used to live in a tidy place, and I'm not one of them, I always have a pet living surrounding me from age of five till now. For bad luck, Jessie was so bothered from Bandit misbehavior, he stole her car's keys, and the worst that she found him urinated inside her new shoes, which made her mad, as she was ready to get out with her friends. “I can't bear more Sara! You have to make your decision, either me or your awful Bandit!" Jessie told me. I answered her “Just 3 weeks, and you will be surprised of him", she agreed and my challenge started at once.

As a pet lover, I have a solid knowledge on caring for them, but I realized also that ferrets differ than others. First thing I should learn and apply is how to turn my ferret into the most well behaved one, and how to care for him. The first tip I learned is that if I wish to train my ferret to do something, I must do this with patience, care, consistency, and surely a lot of love.

Firstly, I wanted him to learn his new name ‘Bandit’. I started to call him frequently, and at anytime I went near to him, then I rewarded him each time he responded to me. I discovered that ferrets usually response to the firm ‘No', so, while playing with Bandit, if he nipped me hardly, I stop playing immediately, and say firmly “No Bandit, stop biting me like that". Eventually, he started to respond, especially when I took other steps like walking away from him, and putting him back in his cage. I really wondered a lot when my smart Bandit got the idea of punishment, but take care, don't shake or spank a ferret, that's may lead to death or internal injury.

Now, it's the turn of training him to stop pooping everywhere, for that purpose, I bought him a litter box, and placed it into his cage, at a corner of my room. Then I started the difficult part, which is ‘watching', to catch him urinating or defecating. Every time I saw him doing so, I pick him up quickly, and put him in the litter box. This is the most important thing your ferret should be trained to do, so be patient and don't give up. Three weeks later, Jessie asked me to buy another cute ferret for her! She started also caring for Bandit with me, and she helped me cleaning him, preparing his meals, washing food and water plates, washing his cage, going with me to the vet for periodical checks, and buying him tons of toys, and accessories. I can tell you that it was a very interesting and nice experience, with no doubt, I feel now so proud of my beloved Bandit, in addition to tons of joyful times.

Ellen Tayana is a proud new ferret owner and excited to share all the ferret facts she knows.
If you wish to share with us your remarkable times with your ferret, or even thinking to have one but don't know enough about them, then I advise you to go to this great blog ferret-info , you'll not never regret it!


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