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A Guide to Pet Health and Hygiene

Edmund Brunetti

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There is truth behind the old adage “cleanliness is next to godliness” especially when it comes to health. The best way to avoid disease and illness is to wash your hands and live in a clean environment. As people, we require consistent grooming and hygiene practices in order to function normally in society and at work. While our dogs may not socialize in the same way, they require the same things that we do in order to live the healthiest life they can. Hygiene is mandatory for good health, for people and pets alike, and luckily there are products in the pet grooming industry that can make keeping our dogs healthy and clean easier.

Making sure your dog’s ears and eyes are consistently clean and taken care of with dog ear cleaning solutions and eye cleaners has never been easier. All-natural products from companies like Petpost offer tear stain removers and the best dog ear cleaners that can help keep your pet feeling and looking their best, especially white dogs whose tear stains are more noticeable. Allergic reactions and underlying medical problems can cause waxy build up in ears. Tear stains are caused by excessive tearing which can often cause bad odors. Keeping your dog clean and well-groomed keeps these problems at bay and can even prevent tear stains altogether.

While grooming supply companies offer options for tear stain removers to assist in treating and eliminating tear stains, such stains can also be caused by a handful of underlying medical problems other than the excessive tearing, which is the usual culprit. Removing tear stains also takes a great deal of diligence and patience and includes not only treatment with a high-quality tear stain remover, but also giving your dog high-quality food and making sure your dog is kept clean and their facial fur is trimmed regularly. Dog eye stains can take as few as 8 weeks to as many as 12 weeks to begin fading.

Other grooming products that are relevant to many dog owners include grooming wipes, and special wrinkle wipes and wrinkle creams for breeds like Bulldogs and Shar-Peis. Dogs with wrinkles and folds in their skin can be prone to skin problems and odors. It’s important to keep them scrupulously clean to avoid skin and coat problems.

A huge aspect of pet health care is prevention. Consistently cleaning our dog’s face, fur, and even their paws, means we as owners are being diligent in keeping an overall eye on them and taking stock of their physical condition. Consistent grooming allows us to notice if anything is off. Keeping our pets clean makes it clear when something is wrong, which can help us pinpoint a problem before it gets worse.

Clean pets are usually happy pets, and if a clean pet isn’t happy, it can be a sign that something else needs to be looked at or checked up on by a vet. Professional groomers also know what to look for when cleaning your dog and can let you know if they spot a problem. Pet health and hygiene go hand-in-hand.

For those of you looking to remove your dog's eye stains , Petpost presents you its great tear stain remover . Please check out these links for more details.


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