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Dog Food - Balanced Diet For Your Dog


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Today pet owners have a wide variety to choose from when they are buying food for their pets. Various brands have released numerous kinds of food and treat products each coming in several flavours for our doggies. However, it is important for us to understand the nutritional needs of our dogs and not just buy anything that comes our way. Let us learn some important facts about the food we provide to our dogs.

There are two kinds of food that are available in the market-Wet food and Dry food. Wet or canned food begins with ground ingredients mixed with additives. If chunks are required then they are formed from special machinery and the mixture is cooked and canned. Wet food is quite different from dry food as it is not rendered and processed and is therefore fresh. Wet foods usually contain much more protein, and it’s often a little higher quality, than dry foods. They also have more moisture. While creating Dry food, materials are blended in accordance with a recipe created with the help of computer programs that provide the nutrient content of each proposed ingredient. Although the cooking process kills bacteria in the ingredients, the final product can pick up more bacteria during the subsequent drying, coating, and packaging process. Some experts warn that getting dry food wet can allow the bacteria on the surface to multiply and make pets sick. Do not mix dry food with water, milk, canned food, or other liquids.

When it comes to food ingredients, we know that dogs are carnivores and require a meat-based diet. Animal protein, vegetable protein and animal and poultry fat are necessary for a dog’s wholesome diet. Cooking and other processing of meat and by-products used in pet food can greatly diminish their nutritional value, although cooking increases the digestibility of cereal grains and starchy vegetables. To make dog food nutritious, dog food manufacturers fortify it with vitamins and mineral. While checking the ingredients list in your dog’s food, you should check the label first for the AAFCO nutritional adequacy statement, which indicates the dog food provides complete and balanced nutrition. It should also include the life stage for which the dog food is appropriate. Life stages include growth (appropriate for puppies), adult maintenance, gestation/lactation, senior (appropriate for older dogs), and “all life stages. ” When choosing food, look for one that fits your dog’s flavor preferences, lifestyle, medical conditions, and environment. It is also important to note that something which is good for one dog might not be good for another. So make sure you try out different combinations and fix a diet which fulfils his needs as well as has all the vital nutrients he requires.

We on our website offer a wide variety of food and treat products for your canine friends and have tried to ensure that you can order food manufactured by some of the world’s best pet food brands. We stock the following brands-

  • Pedigree (Mars Inc. ) - Pedigree is a subsidiary of the American group called Mars Incorporated who specializes in pet food products. Mars Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of superb quality and healthy pet food products. You can buy Pedigree products from-
  • Eukanuba (P&G) - Eukanuba is synonymous with pioneering nutritional breakthroughs, many of which are now used by nutritionists around the world. A cornerstone of their nutritional philosophy is that dogs are best fed as carnivores. That’s why their foods contain primarily high-quality, animal-based proteins. Their contribution to nutritional science has helped millions of pets be the best they can be. Their nutritional range includes special veterinary prescription diets and tailored nutrition for life stage, breed size, sensitivities and activity levels.
  • Royal Canin - Royal Canin is not an average pet food company. Since its inception in 1967, the company's veterinary experts have made major advances in canine and feline nutrition. It is the first pet food manufacturers to become ISO certified. Their main focus is providing good quality and nutritious food for pets. You can buy Royal Canin products from our website-
  • Farmina - The Farmina story was conceptualised in 1965 with state-of-the-art for manufacturing pet foods and a well equipped research and development unit. Today, Farmina has 10 product lines six dedicated to dogs and six to cats, and it is one of the most premium brands of pet food in the world.

They do not test their products on animals, but collaborate with breeders and pet owners who let them work with animals in their normal environment. We have the Cibau, Vetlife and Ecopet line of products that they offer. You can buy them from the following link-

  • Scoobee Pet Products - Scoobee Pet Products is a company that was established in 1951. They specialize in dog food and accessories. .

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