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Keep your Pet Safe with Dog Tags


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Loosing your pet is the most helpless feeling in the world. If you have ever been separated from your pet for even a few minutes you know how important pet dog tags can be. There are lots of sophisticated ways to identify your pet electronically, but the most common method for lost dogs to find their owner is with a high quality printed tag with your contact information engraved on it.

Go with Engraved Pet Dog Tags

Engraved pet dog tags are the preferred type of identification for any pet. Printed tags can often wear in time and ink or paint can be worn away. Engraved tags on stainless steel will not rust and you can be confident that the text will be visible for years. Stainless steel will also not discolor like cheaper aluminum tags or be easily broken or bent.

What Information To Include

It is important to include the right information on your pet dog tag so that he or she can be returned to you as soon as possible. To make sure your dog is returned to you, it is best to include your pets name, your family name, and your phone number. A mobile phone number that is always answered is preferred so that you can be reached even if you are out searching for your lost pet. You should not include your home address on your pet’s ID tag. If your pet is lost

Stamped Tags are Better than Links

Most pet dog tags are attached to your pet’s collar by a metal ring or link. These links are easy to replace and widely available, but they are easily bent or broken. Just like the saying “a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link” a pet dog tag is only as secure as it’s attachment ring. Dogs are active and dog tags and the rings that attach them to the collar get a lot of wear. In fact, most rings will wear out or break before the tag does. Look for a dog tag that is stamped to include a hole or slot that will fit directly on the collar. The best way to prevent losing a tag due to a broken ring is to eliminate the pet dog tag ring.

Even if you invest in more expensive radio chip ID methods, please get pet dog tags for your pet. It is the easiest and most reliable way for lost pet to be identified by anyone who comes into contact with it.


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