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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue

Patrick Steven

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If you're looking to bring home a dog then you cannot make many better choices than choosing a Staffordshire bull terrier; the breed is an old and established one. It is very popular in England and holds the unique record of being the only breed that is certified totally reliable by the U. K Kennel Club.

As a pet lover and a friend of animals you would do society and your own conscience a big favor if you decide to choose a Staffordshire Bull Terrier from a rescue shelter. This special act of warmth certifies you as a special human being worthy of the affection of this special pet. You can pick up an adult, an elderly Stafford, or a pup.

Let us first try and understand how a rescue works. A Staffordshire bull terrier is most likely to be a volunteer organization dedicated to helping Staffies find a home and educating Staffordshire bull terrier owners understand their pets better.

Because such rescues are run by dedicated individuals that are not into the enterprise for making money, you can expect trustworthiness in the transaction. You will bring home a genuine Staffie; it does not have to conform to all the points in the relevant breed standard. After all, it's an act of nobility on your part, so bring home a Staffie that catches your attention or one you feel could do with a kind pet parent. The people at a Staffordshire bull terrier rescue will be more than willing to guide you on all matters pertaining to bringing up a Staffie; housebreaking it, potty training it, and health issues concerning this breed.

A responsible Staffordshire bull terrier rescue will first vet prospective owners. They will ask questions. They want their beloved dogs to be matched with the most appropriate homes where the animals can grow and live peacefully.

If, as an existing pet parent, you are unable to take care of your Staffie then you will do the animal a huge favor by giving it to a rescue. You may be asked to have the animal spayed or neutered before the rescue accepts it.

When you bring home a Staffordshire bull terrier from a rescue shelter you can be sure that the animal will be properly vaccinated and dewormed.

Such dog shelters are easy to find online; a simple search will throw up relevant results and then you can compare them.

An animal rescue of this type is a worthy cause and even if you do not plan on adopting a Staffie, do consider making a donation to such an institution, it helps them stay afloat and carry on with their good work.

Steven is a staffy owner who loves to share his knowledge, experience, love and passion for the Staffordshire Bull Terrier with people from all walks of life. For more information about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier visit my website at Staffordshire Bull Terrier Nederland .


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