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How to Train a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Patrick Steven

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Once you get a Staffordshire bull terrier puppy home; your duty as a pet parent is to ensure that it gets trained properly so that it grows up to become a properly socialized dog that is physically and mentally healthy.

The first step is to purchase the dog from a recognized and reputable breeder. You should know what you're getting. A healthy pup is easier to train and will adjust faster to new surroundings.

Create a positive atmosphere around the Staffordshire bull terrier puppy you bring home. Ease him into new situations and surroundings. Don't rush. Do things at the animal's pace. If there are other pets into the household let the new entrant get used to them slowly. You will have to keep an eye to see that other animals, if present, do not get rough with him.

Give the pup access to the entire house, except the kitchen. This is in best interests of the animal's health and your wellbeing. At the same time instill an understanding about areas that are off limits. Staffordshire bull terriers are intelligent and also a little bull-headed so you'll need to let the pup know early on that you're the alpha male.

Expose the pup to children in the family so that he is at ease in their company. Take care that kids treat the animal gently. Soon it will be time to begin the animal's agility training along with the ongoing obedience training. You can access a multitude of puppy training videos online or enroll the animal in a puppy training school.

Positive reinforcement works best with these slightly headstrong dogs. You need to be in control with these animals. This will be immensely useful when these muscular and strong animals grow up. You'll find them easier to manage at home and when you take them for a walk.

An important aspect of taking care of these animals is to see that there is always sufficient stock of chewy stuff at home. Staffies need these to exercise their strong jaws. Exercise them daily so that they don't release their pent up energy chewing household items.

Let the Staffordshire bull terrier learn that they are expected to stay clean. Get them used to grooming. The animals have a short coat and don't shed so grooming is not a problem at all. Brush their coat at least once a week. This will also stimulate their sebaceous glands to release oil and keep the skin healthy. Work with them from the time they are small and they'll grow up into cheerful, well-trained dogs that make excellent companions.

Steven is a staffy owner who loves to share his knowledge, experience, love and passion for the Staffordshire Bull Terrier with people from all walks of life. For more information about the Staffordshire Bull Terrier visit my website at Staffordshire Bull Terrier Nederland .


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