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Benefits of raw dog food: Facts you might want to know


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Many of us do not know the actual benefits of raw dog food and in what ways it can help both young and aging dogs. We try to hide under are conveniences and presume that the kind of food which is easily available at the nearby grocery store or super market is the best for our dog. The fact is that whatever comes easy has a catch, and in this case it costs your dog a lot. Mostly the dogs are not given the treatment they deserve and the food which they should be fed for a better health. For an animal which has been crowned as the man’s best friend this must be surprising but is reality. The company manufactured dog food just looks good on the outside with those colorful packets with a photo for a big strong smiling dog right next to the photos of satisfied customers. You would also find reviews of expert veterinarians who would encourage you to but the said product as it is the best for your faithful canine. What you should know is that all these are examples of some really good advertising techniques. If you get impressed by such tactics then you’ve been fooled.

Packaged dog food or company manufactured dog food does more bad than good to your dogs. You might not be able to observe the effects in the initial stages but as time moves by, you would observe that your dog is weaker and has a lower stamina level. There are a lot of benefits of raw dog food but you would understand them only if you know the exact disadvantages of company manufactured dog food.

  1. The packaged dog food is first cooked and then packed. Such a technique reduces the nutrient contents and hence makes it useless for the dog’s health. Such dog food only fills up your dog so that he/she doesn’t feel hungry. It does not in any case improve the dog’s health. So don’t expect your dog to be healthy and strong after you put on the packed food diet.
  2. The fillers which are added to the packed dog food are products of wheat and grain. As a lot of dogs are allergic to wheat and grain products, when they eat such food they develop symptoms like itchy skin, hot spots etc
  3. The companies also use preservatives which don’t work well for both humans and dogs

The benefits of raw dog food are the exact reverse. When you put your dog on a raw dog food diet, you would observe an improved stamina, good breath, brighter coat, stronger bones etc. You can always visit a good raw dog food website which can help you to compare raw dog foods and buy the best raw dog food. You can also prepare raw dog food at home with the help of chicken, pork and fish products which can be found at any nearby butcher shop. Preparing raw dog food at home can save you a lot of money as it always turns out to be cheaper than the packaged food.

Give your best friend a Happier, Healthier and Longer Living Life by getting them on the Raw Food for Dog Diet program. A Raw Dog Food Diet is how nature meant it to be, so take time to learn how to implement it in your dog's life in the best way possible.


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