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Skin Allergies and Reactions In Dogs


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Dog enthusiasts today continuously immerse themselves in the vast literature which basically revolves around scientific studies and medical research on the health of the canine species. According to most of these studies, one of the major problems concerning man’s best friend thus far is skin related diseases resulting from various sources. Reports show that the number of cases of dogs affected with skin related diseases has dramatically increased throughout the years. Meaning to say, there is something that is very wrong with the way this issue is being treated. With all the resources currently available at our disposal at anytime of the day, it is such a shame that a sad statistic readily awaits the canine friendly community. Because of this rather alarming news, credible institutions have figured that this is fast becoming the main reason why dogs are being brought to pet clinics for examination by various licensed veterinarians.

To make matters a lot worse, there are also some studies which point to the discovery that most of these dog skin diseases are allegedly hereditary making some breeds coming from affected dogs more prone than others. Such dog skin diseases or allergies involve the gradual surfacing of certain rashes or irritations throughout several portions of the dog’s body. These allergies can come or spring from a lot of various different sources or causes and they can do a whole range of harm to your pet dog. Allergies are the body’s rational and logical way of letting the host knows that a foreign element that is not beneficial to the body has landed the skin and taken hold of the host’s body system. Meaning to say that such occurrence, if left untreated, can have a domino effect from within the dog’s body and ultimately impair and eat away the host’s immune system, which can further along lead to more and more complications, the most fatal and extreme of which is an organ failure. While with humans, the upper respiratory tract is the first one to take the hit, causing shortness of breath and a lowered immune system, with animals most especially dogs it is the skin that first shows indication hinting of infection.

That is why in examining the illness and looking for the right medicine or treatment, it is very crucial to first identify what kind of allergen or foreign element took hold and infected the host in order to properly and more suitably address the issue and the disease. There are several methods and ways to address and treat the problem of dog skin diseases. Most of them seek to prevent the development of fleas and other such parasites from infesting the skin of the host and therefore preventing eventual skin problems and complications from ever developing. On the other hand, in already existing conditions which have escaped the more preferable case of prevention are medicines like topical or spot on treatments which may be easier to use for some and may be able to relieve any pain and provide more immediate comfort for infected areas. In dealing with such matters, it is best to be well informed for the sake of our beloved dogs.

Dog skin allergies or Allergic dermatitis is a term generally used to refer to group of skin allergies that may be brought about by several major or minor factors in dogs.


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