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Understanding the Food Allergies in Dogs


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Dogs love eating anything that smells beefy and tasty to their tongues. But as much as we want to see our pets happy with the food that we are sharing her, certain foods may not be good for your dog’s health such as the ones that may predispose to allergies. Food allergy is one of the common types of allergy experienced by dogs. This is among the prevalent illness dogs usually acquire no matter how careful we are as dog owners in looking after our pet’s welfare. Food allergies occur at a 10% rate compared to other allergies that may be inhaled such as the inhalant allergies while some may be present due to flea bites.

When dogs have allergies in any type, it is usually their skin that gets affected with the allergy first. This is the part of the body that manifests itching, redness that may be in patchy appearance, alopecia or hair loss, bald patches as signs of responses to the body’s reaction to the allergens. However, treatment should not be generalized as each type of allergy needs a particular type of treatment that would also depend on the symptoms exhibited by your dog.

Food allergy, meanwhile, is different from food intolerance. Oftentimes, you might observe your dog vomiting or having diarrhea, it could be that your dog is just experiencing food intolerance. Food intolerance happens when the body system of your dog could not digest the offending components of the food she ate. Certain ingredients may not be digestible as these may be unknown to the dog’s body system. However, food allergy is the body’s response to some of the offending components of the food. You should not mistaken food intolerance to food allergy for food allergy requires treatment that may need some medication. However, there’s not a lot to worry about food allergy and food intolerance as it can be cured with just some proper dieting and carefulness with the kinds of food that we give our dogs.

Certain foods may have components that are allergens and thus caused allergies to dogs that may have special reaction to that kind of component. According to studies, some dog foods contain the most number of allergens in it that causes a lot of dogs to acquire food allergies unlike other kinds of food that we can give them. However, there’s a common list of the usual kinds of foods that causes allergies, examples are wheat, chicken eggs, dairy products, beef, soy and corn. These are also the same ingredients found in dog foods plus the preservatives included in processing the dog food. According to research, dog foods contain proteins that have quite a number of antigenic properties; when this happens, the probability of allergic reactions are directly related or proportional to the amount of exposure that your gets from the daily dog food served to them. This simply means that food allergies in dog food happen because it is the kind of food usually and almost routinely given to them. Food diet and blood testing must be done to know if food allergy is the one causing the symptoms.

Treatment for food allergy includes diet trials, giving homemade meals for dogs and hydrolyzed protein diet for dogs. it is always important to consult the veterinarian regarding the health condition of your dog so that she could get the best treatment and prevention for possible reoccurrence of food allergy.

Dog skin allergies or Allergic dermatitis is a term generally used to refer to group of skin allergies that may be brought about by several major or minor factors in dogs.


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