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General Types of Dogs Allergies


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Allergy is one of the major causes of skin diseases on dogs and there are different types of dog allergies that they can get such as inhalant, flea, food and skin allergies. Another thing that causes allergic reactions is the dog’s hair because, just like with people, it stings the skin and makes it very itchy, especially if the hair is dirty. One of the most common types of dog allergies is atopic dermatitis or inhalant allergy that is like hay fever for humans. For dogs though, the result is foot-chewing, wherein he or she scratches the paw because it is itchy. These allergies include dust mites, pollens, molds, wool and insects that can be found anywhere and your dogs are prone to these allergies if your house is not cleaned often.

Another one of the common types of dog allergies is flea allergies, where it is the flea’s saliva, and not the flea itself, that causes the allergy. One of its symptoms is scratching, so if your dog is always scratching and, at the same time, his or her hair is falling, then he may have fleas in his body. Always check your dog’s body for fleas and if there are too many of it and it’s sucking the blood out of your dog, seek help to the veterinarian.

Food allergy is another one of the common dog allergies, where it is caused by some ingredients in the food that are not suitable for their body. It is found on every breed of dog at any age and it can be any ingredient. The problem with food allergies though is that you won’t be able to determine the cause of the allergy because of the many kinds of food that your dog eats. Somehow, you have to do trial and error in determining the cause. One way to do it is to slowly eliminate certain ingredients that you think your dog has allergy with every week until you determine the certain ingredient. You can also add some certain ingredients that might help in lessening the allergy. Then, there is the skin allergy where your dog has allergies with dust, molds, and pollens. Just like with humans, dog have this kind of allergy where itching and scratching are involved. If they also have swelling skin and patches of lost hair, then you can bring your dog to the veterinarian to see what kind of skin allergy he or she has. The problem with skin allergy is some of its causes may be from food, inhalants, or fleas that also have same symptoms. If you don’t look after the excessive scratching, it may lead to skin infections that can destroy the skin and coat of your dog.

Your dog’s skin and coat is very precious because these are what people will see and admire and as a pet owner, you must take care of it and make it free from dog allergies. If you feel that his or her excessive scratching is too much than the usual, then bring your dog to your trusted veterinarian so that he or she can examine them and determine the cause.

Dog skin allergies or Allergic dermatitis is a term generally used to refer to group of skin allergies that may be brought about by several major or minor factors in dogs.


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